Can you believe it’s been since March that we’ve practically been locked indoors? A lot of places around the country have opened up a lil, but if you’re like me you’re still giving the outside the complete side eye!  

I had a customer tell me she’s been out of foreplay ideas since April! Lol Well, today let’s jump into foreplay ideas right around your house anyone can try.  

First, what exactly is foreplay? For me, foreplay is the time that myself alone or with my partner do things that will help with arousal and pretty much get me in the mood. If you’re someone that identifies as a woman you know that there could be a big difference in the time it takes to get warmed up versus that of male partner. Rushing through this warm up time could ultimately lead to bad sex. Yup…..bad sex! 

But let me make one thing clear. Foreplay doesn’t just have to be the appetizer to penetrative sex. Foreplay can be the whole kitten caboodle!! There are some days that I would really appreciate all the intimate rubbing and caressing and don’t need the actual penetration from my partner. Foreplay doesn’t just have to be the appetizer; it can be the whole dayum meal!!! I like to call it sensual play instead of foreplay. But to make sure y’all know what I’m talking about in this post I’ll keep it to the term foreplay. 

I also want you to remember that some of the best foreplay moves happen when you’re not even near your partner. Starting foreplay earlier on in the day also helps with desire. Sometimes if you wait till it’s 10PM in the bedroom to kick things off you’ll have more work to do. If you’re like me sleep might trump sex on occasion. Send my partner words of condolences! LOL Sexting, phone sex, sending sexy pictures, and risqué Facetimes can all help put you in the mood even before you get home. 

Once you get home, here are some locations to take the foreplay out of the bedroom and circulate this loving around your home! 

The laundry room! 

You might guess where I’m going with this. The washer machine on spin cycle can do half of the work for you. All the jiggling around and vibrations might do the trick to get things heated up. While you’re in there you’re doing chores too, so it’s a win win! 

The Garage! 

While parking lots might be scarce these days and it could be hard to find a good hiding spot for you and your partner to have some vehicle play, your garage is totally secluded. Plus, it’s a great place to hide from in-laws, kids, or whoever else is in the house cock-blocking! Think about back when you were a teenager and you and your boo were in the back seat involved in some heavy petting. Bring that old thang back. A little role play could enhance this scene even more. Pretend you have to be quiet or your parents will hear you! 

Other Bedrooms in the house! 

You could have other bedrooms such as a guest bedroom or your kid’s bedroom. You might have just winced when I said kid’s bedroom lol. You don’t have to leave any DNA behind on their racecar comforter just being in a different scene than your bedroom can bring up some hot and steamy feelings. 


One of my favorite sex scenes of all times doesn’t involve penetration. During the movie Disappearing Acts Wesley Snipes pounces on Sanaa Lathan right in front of her open refrigerator. Wesley was a fuckboi in the movie but boy could he lay down some lovin! Use kitchen counters, tables, chairs, anything that you can prop yourself up against and get things going. 


The bathroom is another great room to use to hide out from folks in the house. The steam and water add in an extra sultry benefit. Getting in your shower or tub introduces a whole other dynamic to foreplay. For me, my lil tub isn’t fitting my big ass and my partner’s big ass in it, but the shower works just fine. YMMV, so if you both can fit go for it. Washing and massaging your partner is super sexy. You could also introduce some waterproof into wet foreplay. A toy I enjoy for teasing and massaging my partner is the Caress by Adrian LasticIt’s soft silicone interchangeable heads let me pick whatever kind of motion I’m gonna give them in our fake ocean!  

Deck, balcony, or backyard 

I always find things a little more exciting with the possibility of being watched. I’m not telling you to get buck ass naked, unless you want to lol, but having some play time where a nosy neighbor could see you could be exhilarating. Also, being outside especially in the rain or a star filled night is ambience you just can’t buy. 

The Hallway 

Turn your hallway into a catwalk. A sultry, seductive catwalk. Leaving pieces of clothing on the floor as you make you way towards your partner. If you can’t see the hallway from your bed you can always put a chair right in the doorway and finish off the strip show in any fashion you’d like. On your knees would be my preference! LOL  

Besides using different rooms in the house these items can come in handy for foreplay. 

App controlled toys 

Even though a lot of people use app-controlled toys while they are physically away from each other, there’s no reason why you can’t use them at home. Go into another bedroom and pretend that you’re far away. Many of the toys now let you Facetime with each other through the app or communicate through text. Use your imagination and pretend you’re having a long-distance love affair! Our favorite is the Lush G-spot toy.  

CBD Lube 

CBD lube is great for helping with anxiety before sex, pain associated with sex, increasing sensations, and helping with natural lubrication. Just drop a little around your vulva and onto your clitoris or use it anally, and wait about 15-20 minutes for it to kick it. During this time, you can always be doing a lil something something with your partner to get ready for intercourse if that is next up on the menu. We carry two types. Our Silicone CBD lube is perfect for those that like the feel of silicone and it’s staying power to last a long time. Our Oil based CBD lube can also be used as a massage oil. If your partner experiences body pain, you can massage that away in a sexy way and let the CBD relieve their aches and pains.  

Foreplay Games 

After a while of being with the same partner things might get a little stale. You might run out of ideas for foreplay and don’t want to keep doing the same old thing over and over again. Foreplay games are also great for playing with a new partner and learning things they like and dislike when being aroused.  We carry a section of couple’s games (click here) from nice, to kinky, to seductive to help you and your partner have fun right from home.  

Leave me a comment and let me know what places in your home you’re going to get things poppin in soon or other places that are great bedroom alternatives.  




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