Video Transcription

Hey everybody is Shani from Hearts Desires, and I’m coming to you today to talk about women enhancement pills.

I had talked about this in a couple of other videos that I was doing experiment. We carry male enhancement pills and women enhancement pills, and people will come in and ask me, well which one do you like the best ? And I’m like, I don’t know, these people say they like this one, but so I wanted to take the pills for myself.

You might be asking: what do they do? Women enhancement pills have the possibility of doing many things, they will increase your libido, a.k.a:  put you in the mood, increased lubrication or make you wetter, they increase the blood flow which leads to more sensitivity in your genital regions, which leads to better orgasms and for some people it makes them multi-orgasmic.

I’m going to start with the one I like the least and move on down to the one I like the best. So the one I like the least surprisingly was the Pink Pussycat Pill. Now this is the one that went viral, it was a video I don’t know if you guys saw it,  and she was just having convulsions and orgasm all over the place and I’m like yeah I want that, I want orgasms like that. And she like in one scene someone just touched her, and she had an orgasm I’m like yeah I want that.

I don’t know what happened if… she had the edition with coke in it and I had the non-coke edition but… yeah, if I didn’t get those same effects was… I must need the one with the coke in it,   I don’t know, not that I do coke but that’s what seemed like she was on something else.  this one I knew I had taken something but I didn’t get the benefits that I thought I was going to get, I like this one the least but then, one of my girlfriend’s she tried it and she loved it, she said it made her multi-orgasmic and she just loved it, so I want to say this professing all of my opinions. each pill is going to work differently for different people, it’s going to work off of your body chemistry, your blood flow, your health status, it’s all those things are going to be factors to… the benefits that you get out of it. She liked it; I was like… so Pink Pussycat Pill.

Next one on the list was… Kangaroo Pill that I took. So this one, it was better than Pink Pussycat Pill but I didn’t get the overwhelming sensations and desire to have sex that I thought I would, and I took this after I took when I really liked so I had high expectations. This one you’re supposed to take half the pill, I did take half of it and then later on I took the other half in yeah still okay but you might like it… so that’s the Kangaroo one.

The next one that I liked was, the Me, Me, Me, Meow, yeah you have to say meow, when you say it. This one I really liked, this one definitely is, when I took it, and I started I wasn’t even… physically stimulated yet, I was just thinking about all the sex that I was going to have, I was like yeah when I get home, I’m going to tear him up, and this is next so… that was, that that was good that I actually wanted to, cuz sometimes you know how you be at work you thinking yeah I’m going to put it on him, we’re going to have sex, it’s going to be great and you’re going to home and you are like, yeah I could kind of…watch this TV and going to sleep. This actually made me you want to go ahead and do it, I definitely was wetter, I had better pleasurable sensation during sex, so I like this one.

The winner, the one that I liked the best, was the Pink Unicorn. This one definitely had me want to hump his bones, had me want to throw in some tricks, that I save for birthday occasions only, yeah was pulling out all the stops. I was really, really wet which of course he enjoyed. During sex it was very pleasurable everything was, I was highly sensitive, I was highly reactive to everything he was doing and my orgasm was just… bigger than normal. I really enjoyed this pill and as you can see… the pill is empty because what I want to do was, make sure it was actually the pill and it wasn’t just me being in the mood for any other reason and it was actually the pill, but, it was actually the pill.

So those are my reviews, you could come into either store, pick yours up, we have a special right now where you can get… do the same experiment try any for female enhancement pills that we carry for $25 that’s going to save you quite a bit of money, we’re trying all four, and let me know what you think! How you like it? Let me know which one you like the best!

See you next time!