Valentine’s Day is a holiday about love, appreciation, and GIFTS. You see how the word gifts is in all caps….that’s how important it can be on this day.

If you’re thinking of buying that special someone flowers, a box of chocolate, cologne, or a big ass stuffed teddy bear STOP RIGHT NOW! I mean, those things are ok, if you’re going the classic Valentine’s gift route. I know that’s not you. Let’s get the folks we love things that actually bring them pleasure!

Sit back, read this, we got you covered. Here you’ll find gifts for all the special someones in your world.

For the guy that spends a lot of time in the shower

The shower never gets old especially for the guy who likes to make himself feel good, if you know what we mean! Hot showers are good for something and cold showers are too! Try the Male Masturbator for all of your hour-long bathroom getaways. We reccomend the Tenga Spinner Shell Masturbator.

For the woman that likes to have it all! Dual stimulation Rabbit

When you don’t want to choose between having your cake and eating it too, The Dual Stimulation Rabbit is one to put on your sweetheart list. Your clit will get front and center attention with just the perfect mix of penetration to bring home the big “O” on V-Day. The Kinky Bunny is hands down our most popular Rabbit Vibrator.

For the woman that doesn’t have all night- Clitoral Stimulator, orgasms in less than 2 minutes

You don’t need an hour to make your Valentine’s Day hot. If you are looking to make the magic happen in an instant (or two), The Clitioral Stimulator, is for you. Try it for some solo play or let your partner take the lead. You will love this sweet bedroom treat.  The Womanizer Classic will never leave her nightstand drawer.

For when you want to be intimate with your partner and get rid of their ashiness- Massage oil candle

Soft and smooth can be part of your sexy time. Get the foreplay started with a little rub down to set the mood while banishing the dry skin. Grab this Massage oil candle to light up the night and watch the sparks fly. Try all the different varieties of the Heart Massage Candle.

For the young lady that you want to explain pleasure into her life the right way instead of by a gym teacher- Mini bullet

The bell is ringing, and it’s time to be schooled. The Mini Bullet may look tiny, but its impact is one you won’t forget. When sleek and compact comes with a variety of vibrations, hands on lessons have never felt so good. Try this Mini Rechargeable Bullet.

For your partner that wants some fireworks on her clit- Clitoral arousal oil

Oil isn’t just for the kitchen, and this one will make the bedroom sizzle! For the girl that loves a little spice in the sheets, the Clitoral arousal oil will hit just the right spot. You can’t go wrong with the all natural On Arousal Oil.

For the couple that has a sex life as dry as the dessert- Couples Forplay game

Game night just got TWISTED! If you are looking to add some fun to your lovemaking, this Couples Foreplay game is not your normal Spin the Bottle. Tantalize, tease, and taunt your partner, and we promise you both will end up winners when the game is over! Our favorite game is 4 Play, four games in one!

For the couple that walks on the wild side- Vibrating panties

Do you like to play in public or turn the bedroom vibe on high at home? Let your partner tease you quietly or make your solo action hotter with these discreet vibrating panties. Slide them on, pass the remote, and get ready to feel the vibe. These side tie Vibrating Panties are perfect for sneaky public play time!

For the woman that needs a lil Woosah at work- Discreet Vibrating Lipstick

A little lipstick always does the trick. Kiss the stress good-bye with this Discreet Vibrating Lipstick Tube toy.  Camouflaged as a tube of lipstick, it’s travel ready. Vibrate steady or put it on pulse, we promise you can put this lipstick on a pussy. 

For the guy that wants to rock his partner’s world allllllllllll weekend- Male Enhancement Pill

This little pill might just be the magic answer to your Valentine’s Day celebration. Get ready to feel the love all weekend long (with some naps in-between!). The Male Enhancement Pill will keep you both “coming” back for more.  This Male Enhancement Sample bundle let’s you try our four most popular brands.

For the couple that wants to try some back door action- Beginner Booty Bundle

If you are ready to try some back door action, but you don’t know where to start; try The Beginner Booty Bundle. It has all the toys and tools to get the action started and explore Pandora’s Box.