KISS MORE!: Does Kissing Lead to Intimacy? 

Kissing and Intimacy

Does kissing lead to intimacy?  We are going to say ABSOLUTELY. Kissing is a huge part of our first encounters with affection and attraction. The art of kissing is more than putting our lips together and sharing a special moment. There are definitely several ways that kissing can create intimacy within a relationship. For centuries, […]

How To Fall Deeply in Love: Building Deeper Intimacy in Your Lesbian Relationship

Lesbian Intimacy

There are 3 recurring questions we seem to get when we do Hump Day with the Harts.   “If we are a non-traditional couple, what can we do outside of sex to grow closer?”  “How do we connect on a deeper level if we’re in a lesbian relationship?” “We’ve done everything sexually, what’s next?”  With these […]

Celebrate and Wave your Flag for Pride Month!

Celebrate Pride Month

Let’s CHASE the RAINBOW because it’s PRIDE MONTH, baby! There’s something super special about June because we get a collective chance to be supporters, allies, and friends to all of our LGBTQ+ community. Companies use the month of June to display, highlight, and SPOTLIGHT the lives, love, and lessons from those living OUT LOUD on […]

Ribbed Wearable Vibrating Finger Stimulator Toy

Ribbed Wearable Vibrating Finger Stimulator Toy

Video Transcription Hey, what’s going on online family this is Mike from and today we’re talking about the Vibro Finger. now I’m over here in the shipping department and we’re actually shipping out, we’re shipping them out and… we actually got an email for a customer who already had theirs, and they ask “hey […]