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2 Minute Man: The Truth Behind The 2-Minute Myth

2 minute man

Is two minutes really a short period of time? Well, we don’t think so. When we are asked to run for two minutes without stopping, two minutes can seem like ten minutes. So, if running and sex are anything alike….having sex for two minutes can actually be an accomplishment.  The truth about being a “2-minute […]

Womanizer Classic Clitoral Massage and Stimulator

Womanizer Classic Clitoral Massage and Stimulator

Video Transcription Hey guys Shani here coming to you with another toy review. I always like to talk about things that are actually in my nightstand, things that I use all the time. Tonight I’m talking about Womanizer “Bae”… this is “the bee’s knees” if you like fast orgasms, you like something that’s going to […]