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KISS MORE!: Does Kissing Lead to Intimacy? 

Kissing and Intimacy

Does kissing lead to intimacy?  We are going to say ABSOLUTELY. Kissing is a huge part of our first encounters with affection and attraction. The art of kissing is more than putting our lips together and sharing a special moment. There are definitely several ways that kissing can create intimacy within a relationship. For centuries, […]

Celebrate and Wave your Flag for Pride Month!

Celebrate Pride Month

Let’s CHASE the RAINBOW because it’s PRIDE MONTH, baby! There’s something super special about June because we get a collective chance to be supporters, allies, and friends to all of our LGBTQ+ community. Companies use the month of June to display, highlight, and SPOTLIGHT the lives, love, and lessons from those living OUT LOUD on […]

You can BEAT IT: Why masturbation is great for the fellas!

Let’s say it together: MASTER-BA-TION. Yes, it’s good for you. It’s okay to admit to touching yourself to orgasm. You don’t need permission, but you also don’t need shame for doing you (literally). Self pleasure must be at the top of your priority list because you frankly can’t put your pleasure in the hands (no […]