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KISS MORE!: Does Kissing Lead to Intimacy? 

Kissing and Intimacy

Does kissing lead to intimacy?  We are going to say ABSOLUTELY. Kissing is a huge part of our first encounters with affection and attraction. The art of kissing is more than putting our lips together and sharing a special moment. There are definitely several ways that kissing can create intimacy within a relationship. For centuries, […]

How To Fall Deeply in Love: Building Deeper Intimacy in Your Lesbian Relationship

Lesbian Intimacy

There are 3 recurring questions we seem to get when we do Hump Day with the Harts.   “If we are a non-traditional couple, what can we do outside of sex to grow closer?”  “How do we connect on a deeper level if we’re in a lesbian relationship?” “We’ve done everything sexually, what’s next?”  With these […]

2 Minute Man: The Truth Behind The 2-Minute Myth

2 minute man

Is two minutes really a short period of time? Well, we don’t think so. When we are asked to run for two minutes without stopping, two minutes can seem like ten minutes. So, if running and sex are anything alike….having sex for two minutes can actually be an accomplishment.  The truth about being a “2-minute […]

He Keeps Looking at Her Ass! What Should I Do?

My partner looks at other people

What’s up, y’all?? We get quite a few questions in our DMs about everything from butt plugs to budding relationships, so we are about to answer some of these deep ass questions y’all ask us.  Here’s one we get all the time: Is it alright if my husband/wife has wandering eyes? Should I be mad […]

Entering the Ring- Vibrating Cock Rings that is!

Vibrating cock ring

A bell sounds and the contenders take to the to the ring. But this isn’t any old ring and they may not be wearing the gloves you think. This ring is different. In fact, this ring is designed especially for pleasure, not pain. Its super soft, flexible, fits right in the palm of your hand […]