Have you ever had questions about women enhancement pills?

If so, you are NOT alone!

Let’s go over what we at Hart’s Desires found, our likes and dislikes, and reviews about each pill including the famous Pink Pussycat pill!

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What are female enhancement pills anyway?

You might have heard of men’s enhancement pills or seen them behind the glass at gas stations.

You very rarely hear people discussing enhancement pills for women. Here I am to save the day!

Pink Pussycat Female Enhancement Pill

So what do these pills do?

They have the possibility of all of these awesome things to take your sex life to the next level.

✔ Increased libido. Maybe in your head you want to have sex but for some reason can’t connect the dots to make it happen.

✔ Increased lubrication. Get that thang WET!

✔ Increased blood flow which leads to more sensitivity in your vulva and most importantly your clit.

✔ Stronger orgasms!

✔ Multi orgasmic.

The Enhancement Pills Review


It is time we dive deep into what we found during our tests!

👉 I followed all of the directions to the “T” to make sure I could give you the real tea and an actual review on each pill.

Pill Review: Kitty Kat Pill

First up was the Kitty Kat.

Kitty Kat Enhancement Pill

I took the pill as directed 20 mins prior to having sex and with a full glass of water. What I thought was going to be 20 mins turned into 2 hours. Don’t you HATE waiting around for the dick!! During this time I was really getting worked up though. I took matters into my own hands and rubbed one out and surprisingly was still in the mood by the time he came home. Point for Kitty Kat pill! The pleasure during sex was definitely kicked up a notch!

Pros: Increased pleasure during sex, increased desire

Cons: Didn’t notice increased lubrication, didn’t really “feel” anything after the first day.

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Pill Review: Kangaroo Pill

Next up was the Kangaroo pill.

Kangaroo Enhancement Pill

So I tried this pill twice. The directions say to take either a half of the pill or a whole pill. I thought…lets slow walk this. Uhm, that didnt do the trick. The second time I took the whole pill. Like my grandmother used to say, “We’re cooking with grease now!” LOL Big difference for me. Now, if youre a little thing, 1/2 a pill might work. Over here I got more cushion for the pushing so I needed the full pill. I took a shower with some extra “me” time to get the party started and the pill kicked right in. About 30 mins later when I had sex there was a lot of lip biting and a few times I thought I had come on my cycle I was so wet. Adding this one to the rotation!

Pros: Definite desire increase, wetter, sex sensations were intensified.

Cons: Didnt notice a continued increase in desire.

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Pill Review: Kinky Kitty Pill

Next? The Kinky Kitty pill.

Kinky Kitty Enhancement Pill

The Kinky Kitty was my favorite out of the four pills! After really reading the packaging I wasn’t surprised because this pill had a high potency at 1750 mg of stimulants. Orgasms were on 1000! This one is going to be my “vacation sex” addition in every carry on bag. One thing I didn’t follow on the directions was to take it with a meal. I’m not in my sex kitten mood with a full belly. I’m also not sure about the lubrication increase or not. I was feeling so sexy that I started with lube because I knew this was going to be a marathon and I wanted to be prepared for the long haul.

Pros: Super Duper orgasms, Increased desire for the entire weekend, increased pleasure in general during sex

Cons: None.

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Pill Review: Pink Pussycat Pill

Lastly is the Pink Pussycat Pill.

Pink Pussycat Pill

I made sure to follow the directions exactly because last time I tried it I wasn’t impressed at all. I was looking at the viral video of the lady going ape shit over the pill with a mean mug! Sadly I got the same results as the first time. It’s funny because I know so many people that love this pill.

Pros: The cat is cute on the package *shrugs*

Cons: No effects on my sex game.

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Sexual Enhancement Pills Q&A

Where can I buy sexual enhancement pills?

Buy your sexual enhancement pills here at Hart’s Desires!! We do ask that you meet these requirements:

    • You need to be 18 or over
    • Do not use this product if you have a serious medical condition or have taken prescription medications. Particularly if they contain nitrates.
    • Do not use this product if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure.
    • Discontinue use of this product if you have any signs of shortness of breath, or heart irregularity.

What are the side effects?

Sexual supplements for women are not ideal for everyone. Products may cause side effects or trigger allergic reactions in some women, and their ingredients could potentially interact with some medications. That’s why it’s important to discuss sexual supplements for women with your medical provider before you take any product.  Always follow the directions for use provided by the supplement manufacturer unless you receive other advice from your health care provider.

The most common side effect is a possible headache. This is usually from dehydration and can be avoided by drinking a full glass of water with a pill.

What is the difference between single and bundle packs?

The difference is in ya wallet!!!  Saving money and having more days of fun versus one. That rhymes!!

Will they truly enhance my sexual experience?

These pills have the *possibility* of enhancing your sexual experience in the various ways mentioned. We can’t guarantee  that your chosen pill will rock your particular world. We’re all different and the pills effect everyone differently. If you’re worried about choosing the perfect one try the sample pack and try a bunch!

Are these pills for her only?

These female enhancement pills are made for people with vulvas. If you don’t have a vulva I’d stick to the male enhancement pills.
How long do these pills last?

Once you take a pill it can stay in your system up to 72 hours. Does that mean you’ll be running like Niagara Falls down there for 3 days? No. During the 72 hours after  taking the pill, if you do get aroused again you could pick up where you left off.


Different women have different pill varieties as their favorites. This is because everyone’s bodies are different. The way you metabolize the pill, your blood flow, and health status will influence how each pill reacts with your body.

Remember you have to actually start doing something that’s going to arouse you to get the full effect of the different pills. Some people think that if you take a pill, instantly your coochie starts dripping like Niagara Falls. Nah, you have to actually be at least thinking about sex. This part is important. I like to take a shower, watch some porn, touch myself, sext, or have some flirty phone sex to get things started. Figure out what kicks on your desire!

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Have you tried any of these pills already? Leave a comment and let us know what you thought!

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