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Doc Johnson Realistic Erect Cock With Balls Review!

Doc Johnson Realistic Erect Cock With Balls Review!

Video Transcription Hey what’s going on Hart family, it’s Mike from www.hartsdesires.com and today… we’re talking about the Doc Johnson realistic vacuum lock… dildos the cocks are right, realistic cocks! that’s what it’s called. So the ones we’re showing today, comes this particular design comes in a six and an eight-inch, today we’re talking about […]

Ribbed Wearable Vibrating Finger Stimulator Toy

Ribbed Wearable Vibrating Finger Stimulator Toy

Video Transcription Hey, what’s going on online family this is Mike from hartsdesires.com and today we’re talking about the Vibro Finger. now I’m over here in the shipping department and we’re actually shipping out, we’re shipping them out and… we actually got an email for a customer who already had theirs, and they ask “hey […]

Fun Factory NŌS Vibrating Cock Ring Couples Toy

Nos Vibrating Cock Ring Review

Video Transcription I’m not going to lie, this… this is my, so far in 2022 my favorite toy no cap, no cap? my favorite toy. for those who don’t know us, I’m Shani, I’m tony and we are the owners of Harts Desires online, no, we have an online store and we have two stores […]

What are my favorite Solo and Partner sex toys? Womanizer Duo Clitoral and G-spot Stimulator

Video Transcription Hey, hey, hey… what’s going on everybody, how’s everybody doing, everybody okay? you got food, you got drinks? How’s the social distancing going? Well because of all of this, because of everything going on with the “Rona” we at Hart’s Desires we decided to start delivering to the DMV, so everyone that’s within […]

The Couple that Plays Together Stays Together!! Couple sex toys in our current rotation.

Have you heard that saying before? The couple that plays together stays together. It might sound a little cliche but I wholeheartedly believe in maintaining the intimacy in relationships. Life gets in the way, A LOT. Days and occasionally weeks go by *sigh* and I realize we haven’t had sex!! Are we still attracted to […]