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Hey, what’s going on all our family it’s Mike here from .

Now three reasons to help you choose which rose is best for you so…

Number one: Clit size, so a clitoris your clitoris comes in… everybody has a different size clit, some are really, really petite, some kind of are narrow and long, some are thick and girthy. It’s all different so this will actually help you by you knowing the size of your clitoris… all right this will let you look at which rose works for you.

Now a lot of times on our original rose the port is kind of small so if I stick my finger over it’s kind of it’s kind of small, you know it takes a little bit but I can get the pinky, let’s see if I can get the pinky, I get the pinky in there okay, so I get the pinky finger in there all right, so that way I know that this has a much smaller port, but… when I go to the Rose Plus G-Spot I can look at that and I can see that I can be able to fit my pointer finger in pretty well, maybe can I get my thumb oh I can kind of get my thumb in there too, oh snap!

All right so, for a thicker girthier clit, this larger port may work best for those people all right? so that’s number one pay attention to the clitoris size, and be able to choose which one is best for you.

Number two: Body contact, so even though it’s a silicone based sleeve I mean, the roses have silicone around them one of the things is when you’re making contact your body makes contact to the clit, you want that silicone even though it’s nice soft smooth silicone and the reason that it’s soft and smooth is so that way it can be a much easier contact to the body, but it’s still dry, it’s still dry so you want to be able to apply the right amount of lubricant and using a nice smooth water-based body safe water-based lubricant will make it a little bit easier so you definitely want to be able to pay attention to that.

Don’t think like “ Oh Miss Kitty just gets wet it’s like Niagara Falls and it’s the Atlantic Ocean yes! yes! yes! ” I don’t care…

Clitoris your clitoris needs to be welcome it needs to warm up you know you need your clitoris to warm up and lubricant by making contact putting a little lubricant on the rim of your rose can make it just a little more welcoming and help you to relax and get your orgasm a lot more comfortably, all right.

Number three: now here’s the thing, some people may look at this and be like “ Yo what’s the deal? ” choosing your rose if your favorite… your favorite toy is a rabbit or a penetrating product, G-spot rabbit or something with a curve to it or something like that then, I’m going to recommend the Rose Plus G, if you like a thrusting type of like you’re like,” Oh I like the thrusting penetration I already have a thrusting rabbit “ or something like that, then I’ma say go with one of the thrusting toys.

But then if you say the bullet “ Oh I love my bullets “ bullets are the greatest toys on Earth then, I’m actually go with the Rose Plus Vibrator, that’s the way you’re gonna pick and choose, based on what your most desirable toys are this is how you be able to choose.

Now if it’s your first time and you never had an actual pleasure product then I’ma start off and say okay, now you can pretty much play around you can pretty much grab any of the roses with the extra piece, so that way you could be able to see which one works best for you, there is no wrong move on.

All right, you can even start off with the standard one if you choose to so go with the standard that’s going to be able to welcome open up and still allow you to be able to purchase other products later on down the line so that way you can pick and choose what’s the best product for you.

Every product, every toy is not for everyone… yeah I don’t care who tells you that like “ Everyone should have a rose “ not true, not true, not true so if you say you are one of those people who hate the rose, you’re not by yourself there’s a lot of clitoris… clits owners who also agree with you, all right so.

I hope this makes a little bit helps a little a few people and makes things just a little bit easier for you.

All right again, I’m Mike from definitely go to and check out these items, they are on the website ready for shipping just remember, we’re all freaks they get on the elevator, the only difference between us is which floor we get off on and if you like your boy, you get off on every floor just to see what’s going on.

So as always stay sexy my friends deuce!