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He Keeps Looking at Her Ass! What Should I Do?

My partner looks at other people

What’s up, y’all?? We get quite a few questions in our DMs about everything from butt plugs to budding relationships, so we are about to answer some of these deep ass questions y’all ask us.  Here’s one we get all the time: Is it alright if my husband/wife has wandering eyes? Should I be mad […]

Multi-Speed Vibrating Nipple Clamps Review!

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Video Transcription Hey, what’s going on family? This is Mike from HartsDesires and today we’re going to be talking about vibrating nipple clamps, holly snap! So, these here are your vibrating nipple clamps, I have a remote control that’s attached to a cord and you have your vibrators here at this end and up at […]