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Quick Clitoral Orgasms Anyone???

Clitoral Stimulators review

If you’re like me, sometimes you just want to get to the Big O and go to sleep. You had a long day, co-workers got on your nerves, and an orgasm would be wonderful. Hell, it would be wonderful at the beginning of a long day! Since the clitoris is the powerhouse of nerve endings, […]

Female Enhancement Pills Review featuring Pink Pussycat Pill

Enhancement Pills Femanle 4 Pack

Have you ever had questions about women enhancement pills? If so, you are NOT alone! Let’s go over what we at Hart’s Desires found, our likes and dislikes, and reviews about each pill including the famous Pink Pussycat pill! 👉 Buy Our Enhancement Pill Sample Pack · Save $6 – $15! What are female enhancement […]

I took the plunge and tried the Fun Factory Menstral Cups….

Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstrual Cup Explore Set

I’ve heard about these menstrual cups for a while. First thought was…Ewwwwww! I couldn’t imagine having a cup full of menstrual flow just sloshing around in my Hoohaa willie nilly. The more I researched about them being way better for you than tampons I was intrigued even more. I purchased the Fun Cup Explore Kit […]