Dinner dates can get old, use vibrating panties to take date night to a sexy level!

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One of my most memorable date nights was when I was gifted a pair of vibrating panties. This was years ago, before I became a self -proclaimed Dildo Wrangler lol. Right in the restaurant he slipped me a bag and said, “I got you a present.” I was told to go into the bathroom and put them on. Ooooookayyy…..

*Insert immediate pussy wetness*

I did as instructed. I put the panties on, took a deep breath and went back to our table. 

Then I had to go back to the bathroom because I didn’t know I had to turn the bullet on. Duh! LMAO Then the fun began!

He would randomly set it off, especially when the waitress came to the table. 

I would look at the random people sitting around me to see if they noticed I was getting my rocks off right before their eyes. 

Honey!! The feelings were indescribable. It was a mix of actual pleasure, doing something I’ve never done before, and being pleasured right in the public view. It was funny, at times, and definitely sexy. He played with the remote trying all different pulsations and speeds until I couldn’t take it anymore! 

I will neva, eva, eva, eva, forget that orgasm!

I was so horny by the time we left, we went straight to the car to get a lil nastier!

Whether you’re looking to tease or be teased by your partner or just go for a hands-free solo experience, vibrating panties can be a fun way to try out something new. Here I go over a few of my favorites.

This line of boyshorts are perfect for the “cheeky” look. They come two sizes- One size fits most vibrating panty and Plus size vibrating panty. Both kinds have 5 different pulsation modes, come with a remote, and batteries are included. I like that this bullet is curved and lays against my clit nice and snug. 

Vibrating Boy shorts
Vibrating boy shorts

Some people love rechargeable toys, myself included. This side tie panty fits up to a 60″ waist so it fits a wide variety of bodies. The bullet has 10 different vibration modes, rechargeable, and waterproof. I can’t think of a reason I’d wear my panties in water but it’s good to know that I can use the bullet separately in the tub. The remote is very secret squirrel like being that it’s a ring and not handheld. Find it here. Side tie Panty

Vibrating Side tie Panty
Vibrating Rechargeable Side Tie Panty

My new favorite is the Pan-t VibeThis one is special because you can wear it under your own sexy panties or lingerie. The options or endless. It was also the strongest in vibration for me. Eyes rolling in the back of your head strong! I really appreciated that you could truly adjust it to your perfect spot. I haven’t tried it but you can also wear this one under a harness- a lilttle extra pleasure for the giver. 

pan-t vibe
Pan-t Vibe wearable panty vibrator

(Find the Lush G-spot app controlled stimulator mentioned in the video HERE)

Lush App controlled G-spot Vibrator
Lush App controlled G-spot Vibrator

Use the code HOTPANTIES to take 15% off any vibrating panty.


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