Lube is a big part of people’s sex lives but hardly anyone wants to talk about it. Less people even know about hybrid lube.

If you have read other posts or watched other of my videos you know how I feel about lube. AWESOMENESS BABY!! It helps with exploration of bodies by giving that slip and slide feeling.

Remember this: friction is the enemy of pleasure!

Lube is riding in on it’s big ass white horse to save the day. If you haven’t tried lube before, then you need to get on board. Thank me later.

Hybrid Lube Video Review

For starters, check out my hybrid lube video below:

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Hybrid Lube 101

When lube comes up mainly water-based lube and silicone lube are mentioned. They both have their pros and cons. Some people love the consistency and texture of water-based lube but wish it lasted longer before having to reapply.

Silicone lube has a lot of fans because it lasts a long time but some people don’t like that it doesn’t feel natural and harder to clean off after use!

*Cue hybrid lube and white horse. This is why I titled this post “the best of both worlds.” Hybrid lube is mostly water-based lube with a smaller percentage of another lube, primarily silicone, but there are other kinds popping up.

Pros of Hybrid Lubes

  • Easy to clean off. Since it’s mostly water-based it washes off with water.
  • Creamy natural look and texture. It actually looks like the fuids that come out of our bodies. If you like a milkier looking lube that looks natural, hybrid is for you.
  • Reactivates with water. Just like water-based, if it seems a lil dry just add some water back into the situation. Not SPIT. Please not spit lol
  • Longer lasting. The silicone or oil part gives it better longevity. Great for people that want to keep the party going without stopping!
  • Can generally be used with silicone toys. Better quality silicone toys usually don’t have issues with hybrid lube. I would still do a spot test. Add the lube to the toy and if it raises up like glue or needs to be peeled off, don’t use it. Stick with water based with that toy.

Hybrid Lubes I Liked

Of the hybrids I tried these are the ones that I liked the best:


The name alone makes me chuckle. It’s called Spunk… hehehe. This one felt really natural and really looked like cum. Can I say cum? Ok, semen. lol I’ve gotten feedback from guys that they liked this one for sex but not for masturbating. I preferred it personally, for anal. It was nice and thick which is important for my tooshy. Plus I love lube with a pump.

Naked Silk

I liked that Naked Silk didn’t leave me with a sticky residue. This lube for me, performed best vaginally. It felt like my own juciness. I also liked that this one had a pump. Nobody got time to fool with jars in the dark.

System Jo Hybrid

System Jo Hybrid with coconut oil was the oddball in all of these hybrids. This one is water-based lube and coconut oil instead of silicone. It had a great aroma and tasted good. Hybrid lubes are not known for taste, so tihs was a nice surprise. It’s great for people that have silicone allergies but still want something that is going to last a while. Because it has coconut oil in it you don’t want to use this one with latex condoms, as oil lubes and latex are not compatible. It is super safe to use with silicone toys, so work that Kinky Bunny g-spot vibrator with no worries!


My favorite lube company to suggest to women with sensitive coochies is Sliquid. Like the other lubes under the Sliquid umbrella, Sliquid Organics Silk Hybrid is great because it’s all natural and ph balanced neutral. Silk hybrid in particular is all organic and has an aloe vera base and includes other botanicals such as flax, hibiscus, and green tea. I liked the thickness of this lube and it rocked with my sex toys, during vaginal sex, and anal sex! The trifecta!


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