Have you ever uttered one of these phrases?

They never hit my spot. My partner’s bad in bed. Bae doesn’t know what I like.

Been there. Done that. But let me ask you a question? Do YOU know what you like? Do you know where your spot is?  One spot you really want to explore is the G-spot. If you have a penis and want to learn more about the P-spot or your prostate check out this blog HERE. Just don’t leave us yet. There’s a lot you could learn here too about this magical place you find inside the vagina.

Honey, let’s get into this G-spot talk. You might have also heard it called the urethal sponge. There are a lot of different theories on what the G-spot is made of, what fluids it releases, or if it even exists. Let’s go with YES, it does exist. What helps me understand the inner workings is to look at a picture of the anatomy of my body.


g-spot-cross-section As you can see the G-spot is about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the anterior wall. That’s the wall closest to your belly. When you feel around that section of the vagina most of what you’ll be feeling is smoother than one section that will feel a little bumpier but still soft. If you take your tongue and rub it against the top of your mouth that’s what it could feel like. Did you just rub the top of your mouth? lol

Maybe you felt all around the first 2-3 inches of your vagina and ddin’t feel anything pleasurable. There’s few reasons for that. The urethal sponge is not actually in the vagina, it’s in the uretha, which is located in the canal right above the vagina. When you get aroused blood rushes to your genitals. Just like with a penis, blood rushes to the penis and causes it to be erect. In people with vulvas your clitoris is going to engorge with blood and the urethal sponge is going to fill with blood and fluids which makes them both more sensitive than normal. If you’re not aroused, the urethal sponge will not be big enough to press against the vaginal wall and allow it to be rubbed. So try stimulating your clitoris first or another hot spot on your body.

Another reason you might not feel anything is because of the Skene gland. This is the part of the urethal sponge that fills up with fluid. If you are a person with a smaller Skene gland then it’s not going to get big enough and be sensitive enough to cause pleasure and be felt through the vaginal wall. The size differs from person to person and no size is the right size. Even ifyou never find it know there’s nothing wrong with you!

Let’s say you took your time exploring and were able find it! Yay! Congratulations! Now you’re ready to attempt a G-spot orgasm. I find them to be very different than a clitoral orgasm. The clitoral orgasm feels more concentrated in my vulva while a G-spot orgasm feels like it’s running all through my body. Slap yo momma kind of great orgasm!

It’s much easier to find your G-spot, stimulate it, and be lucky to have an orgasm solo. You might say…I want my partner to cause it. Now, if your partner has a penis with a big ass hook to it, and they are able to find it, you might be in luck. If not, certain positions might help with the angle to position the penis to hit the G-spot. Missionary style usually doesn’t have the right angle but getting into a spooning position might be better. Face the same direction and be penetrated from behind. But guess what, even if they’re able to hit the spot, most penises aren’t going to be able to keep up the necessary stroking to make you have that good G-spot orgasm. Sad right?

That’s where toys come in. I’m going to share the 3 toys that have helped me achieve G-spot orgasms.

First is the Njoy Pure WandIf you want to atempt squirting this is a great choice. The weight of the toy and the way it’s angled makes it easy for me to get that eyes roll in the back of your head orgasm. The medical grade stainless steel makes for great temperature play (heat it up or cool it down), easy glide with little to no lube and easy clean up after your sexy fun.

The Lelo Gigi 2  takes G-spot orgasms to a whole nother level! There’s something about vibration that excites me so much when I’m masturbating. One of the things that makes it a superior sex toy for G-spot stimulation purposes is its broad, flat head. These types of orgasms usually require a lot of pressure and the design of the Gigi doesn’t fail in giving me the right angle to get it in!!! By the time I’m ready to cum I’m actually bucking a little on this vibrator and it stands up to me riding it like a bull! lol

Kegel exercises can increase your control of squirting! This Vibrating Kegel Exerciser both pleasures you and strengthens your pelvic floor. With every move you make the vaginal muscles are stimulated, massaged and exercised. Stronger pelvic floor muscles = stronger orgasms!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve had a G-spot orgasm or excited to try to have one!!!

Shani Hart

Pleasure Expert