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Suck My Clit: Why Clitoral Suction Vibrators are Worth the Hype

Clitoral Suckers

Clitoral suckers claim to be able to replicate the feeling of oral sex without the need for another person. But do they work and are they actually worth the hype? Let’s see! Clit suckers, clitoral stimulators, suction vibrators, oral sex stimulators, or whatever you want to call them; they’re all the rage these days and […]

Rouge Stainless Steel Wand Dildo Review

Rouge Stainless Steel Metal Wand

Video Transcription Hey everybody, it’s time again for the toy of the week review. For those who don’t know me I’m Shani Hart, sex educator, certified sex coach, and co-owner of the fabulous erotic boutique center DMV, called Hearts Desires, let’s get to the review. So this week I’m reviewing the Rouge Stainless Steel Metal […]