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Hey everybody Shany Hart here again with your toy of the week, I really enjoyed this one and I took it for a little ride. but for those who don’t know me, I am co-owner of hearth’s desires erotic boutiques in the DMV, I am a sex educator, I am a certified sex coach and I also I’m the CEO and founder of the Noir Leaf, CBD, and company.

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So today I am reviewing the Maia Destiny Red, this thing is nice this red is… I had to put on my red lips… to match. This is a really pretty color it’s really nice silky silicone and it comes with a storage pouch, it’s also USB rechargeable you’re going to plug it in… right there.

Let’s talk about this toy what does it do and I really when I pulled it out I figured it was something with the clit, I knew it was a clitoral toy but I didn’t know what this part does I still really don’t know what it does, I know what I used it for but, I don’t know what it actually was for.

I turned it on and there are three buttons right here, the top one has a tongue, the middle one is a mouth and the last one has like, I don’t know dashes I don’t know what it is, but the bottom one controls the vibration so when I turn this one on, it is vibrating the whole toy is vibrating, I feel it all through here, I feel it on this part so when I turned on I was like “where I’m gonna stick this at I know it ain’t in my ass” I’m not sticking this big ass thing in my ass but I knew I was going to use this part somewhere.

The bottom part is just vibration, the mouth part is for suction, so when I turn that on… let me put it on my hand… it is sticking, my hand you could see it… pulling you just saw pull with the skin, so it’s actually sucking, and what you think what so what’s the point of sucking?

When you put something sucking on your vulva, it’s going to be pulling the blood flow to the clit, more blood flow equals more sensitivity, more pleasure, heightened orgasms, heightened sensation, all of that.

The top button with the little tongue, when I turn that on… the tongue it’s not it’s not doing a big flicker like that but it is it’s going really fast so when I push each button… any of the three buttons, it’s going to change the consistency of the vibration pattern the intensity it’s going to change that, so what did I do when I pulled this out? I said you know what?…when I saw it was submersible, so with toys you’re going to see some are splash proof, some are waterproof and some are submersible.

Submersible means you can get this all the way in the water, it can go, I forget how many feet it is, but it could get down on in there.  So I was like I’ma get me in the tub, so I got in the tub with this on it was so funny because when it was doing the suction, this little hole I guess is where it sucks the air out water was shooting out of it I thought I thought that was funny, but I absolutely loved it I came… super-fast now let me explain.

First I turned on the vibration and I sat it down there on my vulva and I was like, “okay this feels nice” then I hit the suction I was like “oh too much!” too much suction, it was the suction for me, for my sensitive clit was a lot, so I turned the suction back off, then I went to the top, to the tongue part, and it flickered. So I just had vibration, and tongue flickering, and was holding that down there… I had to orgasm in like… a minute? A minute solid? so then I got out of the tub, and I was like “oh” I sat in the tub and enjoyed my post-orgasm, soaking but once I got on the tub, I said “okay, let me calm down” I rush through this, sometimes with the toys, I don’t want to come… especially like I was in a tub, I wanted to have a longer pleasure session. I was like let me go ahead and try this again, so this time I turned on the vibration, and I took this bottom part and rubbed this on my clit, and around my vulva and I was like I’m going to extend this out because I still want to bust another nut, so I’m rubbing this on my clit, I turned it up to the first intensity, turned up to the second when I got to the third boom… had another orgasm I was like “wow” I was supposed to be extending the pleasure.

I came super-fast, that quick off of just this bottom part. Again, I tried with the suction, it was too much for me, I put some more lube on it was too much for me but, for me, the top flickering plus the vibration, because you when we think of our clitoris, we think of just the part that sticks out, there’s a lot of internal clitoris, so that vibration on my vulva getting to that internal clitoris, plus the flickering of that tongue getting on to my external clitoris, yeah I ain’t have a chance, ain’t have a chance, but if you’re someone that likes extra, you got like a supersonic coochie, you need that extra stimulation or you’re someone that has trouble having orgasms, has trouble getting a lot of feeling in the clitoris, has trouble getting aroused that suction, that’s going to be the way to go.

I recommend this toy really for anybody, someone that likes light stimulation, someone that just uses this part on the clit, I want to use this with my partner, and well I want him to use it on me, I want them to rub all over my body with this and explore my body with just this vibration part on the end, but this toy definitely is things that you can explore, you can use it on different parts your body, oh! I did use the suction, I’m about to forget you! I picked these… my saggy titty up, and put the suction on my nipple, now that honey felt good, that felt good, when I got the nipple was like…I could have stabbed somebody with my nipple after that.

This toy, I think is going to be for everybody, I think anybody can use this, any gender whether you’re you know have a penis, whether you have a vulva, this you could use this toy on so many different parts of the body, you are just going to want it, I don’t even know what else to say.

This is the Maia Destiny Red, we have it in this beautiful red, the link is right here for you to get yours, we always have a limited number when we first start, so you want to go ahead and get yours cause’ I got mine, you can’t have mine.

Make sure you leave me a comment, tell me what you think about this toy, or if you have it tell me how you like it, and make sure you’re subscribing to our channel, we put a lot of dope stuff out there and I want you to always see it, alright stay sexy my friends!

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