Video Transcription

Hey, what’s going on family? This is Mike from HartsDesires and today we’re going to be talking about vibrating nipple clamps, holly snap!

So, these here are your vibrating nipple clamps, I have a remote control that’s attached to a cord and you have your vibrators here at this end and up at the top is their actual clamp, and these are adjustable clamps.

So, basically, I can squeeze this… let me get up closer that way you guys can see it. I can squeeze this, twist in to make the adjustments and that way I can adjust how much pressure I want to apply on to the nipple, so I can have it fully closed, I can bring it up just a little bit just to have a little lighter touch, and I can get a wider open much wider, so it depends on the size of the nipple, this will actually do this we’ll be able to work.

Now once you have the adjustments set up properly, you want to go ahead and be able to apply them; now I’m not putting them on my nipples I’m putting them on the shirt so we going to give you a little bit of a little thought.

Alright, so when you actually have them applied, and you got them up there, you wrapped ready to rock and roll, now what you have to do is hit your remote control. so it’s one speed, I mean not one speed up out, it’s one control button that operates both nipples at the same time, so all you have to do is just set it and I can sit there and it’s just… god that strong I don’t know if you all can see that, let see how close I can get to you.

now, guys, I’m making a whole lot of noise but that’s because I got the way I got them set up, but you can sit there and get the full capability of that and the vibration just to get the strength of that, all right so that… it’s freaking… awesome.

you could take these, apply them onto the chest and have stimulation all day all night long that’s just how good these are. so again, these are adjustable vibrating nipple clamps.

I’m Mike from HartsDesires so you can get these on our website, or you can go into either one of the stores DC or Maryland, and you be able to purchase these as well, check with one of the staff members and they can give you more detailed instructions about these and give your ideas on… different ways you could be able to use them

Again I’m Mike, have a great day and I see you guys later.