This one is going to be quick…LOL!! And we mean that in the best way possible. 

Pull your dress up and let’s do this….we mean talk about quickies (ya mind was in the gutter–just where we like it).

A quickie can be categorized as any sexual activities that don’t fall into the eight hour marathon of foreplay, oral sex, 69, missionary, doggie style, a rest break, shower sex, kitchen counter sex, a drink of water, and a little booty action. A quickie is a fast-action spurt of sexual interaction (whether penetration or not) that happens in a short period of time (like 10 minutes or less). It is what you do with your boo during lunch breaks, before the dinner party, and in the bathroom before the movie starts. But, you knew that already because you’ve been there, done that, and you have a shirt for it. 

Well, what happens when our quickies become more frequent than our eight hour sex marathons? What do we do when we’re just hittin’ it and movin’ right along because we have other things to do? How do we make those fast-action spurts of sex more meaningful? 

We start to believe that quickies can be meaningful, loving, and filled with intimacy. Here’s how to do it. 


  1. Make eye contact during the moment. Eye contact is an important part of intimacy, and taking 30 seconds to deeply stare into your partner’s eyes during these moments can heighten the connection during the dressing room romps. 
  2. Communicate before and after the quickie. Flirty text messages and a few FaceTime calls can make all the difference when it’s time to “bam bam thank you ma’am”. Make your partner feel like they are special outside of the 6-minute pump session. Tell them how much you want to do it before you get there, and remember to say thank you and you enjoyed it after you’re dressed and back at work. 
  3. Focus on the action, not the outcome. Okay…you’re going to ejaculate, and she’s going to orgasm. She’s going to scream and you’re going to moan. But, do not focus on the OUTcome…the orgasms, ejaculations, screams, and moans. Focus on the time in between. Make sure the action is filled with passion, love, and warmth.  
  4. Say sweet nothings instead of the nasty stuff. Yes, the nasty convo is a turn-on, but saving it for the longer moments can help your quickies feel more intimate. Say “I love you” if you mean it or “damn I’ve been waiting for this” if that’s more your style. Try to stay away from the “fuck me harder” language once your quickies become more regular than your sex marathons. 
  5. Kiss a bit more than you normally do. Bite their lip, suck on their tongue, and kiss as much as you can during the 5-minute sprint. It will create intimacy between the two of you, and the quickie will feel meaningful and memorable. 
  6. View it as the appetizer to something even hotter in the future. Keep your mind out of the negative zone. A quickie should not be the way your partner gets you off and rushes you out. They are appetizers and snacks before the longer sessions when you have more time. Quick doesn’t mean rushed. It means shorter, steamier, and sexier.