Video Transcription

Hey what’s going on online family, I’m mike from and today we’re talking about lubricants to use with your Rose Toy, oh snap!

That’s right so sometimes Rose toy can be used as a nipple stimulator it also could be used as a clitoral stimulator, that’s the most common it will be for the clitoris but…one thing that a lot of people don’t pay a lot of attention to, is actually what lubricant should I use? should I use a silicone lubricant? should I use a water-based lubricant? oil-based lubricant? a hybrid lubricant? what should I use, what’s the best lube for me to use with my Rose?

Well, that depends, that depends basically on contact, number one is because this little outer ring, depending upon which generation Rose that’s right there are multiple generations of Roses, all right you have gen one, gen two and they are coming out with a gen three, and they’re waterproof but they also have silicone right around the entry for the air, for air pulse and once it makes contact to the body because your body has a… you know skin to skin to toy contact, you want to make sure that the body actually has the clitoris, has a nice slender coating of lubricant on it so that way when it makes contact to the Rose it’s going to be more welcoming.

So, you definitely want to be able to pay attention to what that. I recommend a water-based lubricant to start off if you are sensitive, then definitely look for a sensitive lubricant, I know we carry two if you go to you can see two for sure will be a sutils, the pseudo, and also the wicked, the simply, those two are really really, really, really, good great for sensitive skin people, so that way you can be able to apply, but they’re also water-based and they will be much more it’ll allow your Rose to make better contact to your body, which will make it a much more happier fun time that you’re having with self-play or even with a partner.

So if you’re using a partner I would tell you, fellas, if you’re sitting there you trying to bring this in a bedroom for your lady and you want to secretly tell her how to use it, you most definitely want to apply some type of lubricant onto miss kitty, onto the clitoris so that way when you make contact either on the clitoris or onto the nipple, you want to make sure that it has a nice slick relaxed feeling so that way once the contact makes it, once the Rose makes contact to the skin it’s just more welcoming it’s not that dry, rough and chafing type feel and then it just ruins the mood, so you definitely want to have a nice lubricant to be able to go along with that.

If you plan to apply it to the chest, fellas go get you some water-based flavoured lubricant maybe even sugar-free, you know what I’m saying? when you are ready to go to the breast and then you could apply this right onto the nipple, boom! life is good you like “you on one side and you got the Rose on the other side that you can swallow yeah, and go back and forth”

So definitely, definitely, definitely think about which lubricants, think about the type of playtime you want to apply and when you’re getting your Rose… add the lubricant into it so that way you know the best one for you and your type of playtime.

All right, I hope this information was really, really good and good for anyone, if anyone has any questions leave comments below.

Again, I’m mike from and your Rose and a lubricant, talk to y’all later.