Video Transcription

Hey, what’s going on live family so, we’re talking about the rose queen and just to give you guys a heads up, it’s like when you first get it, things to look out for.

Number one: you’re going to open up the box, you’re going to get your charger, you’re going to get your actual product, you need to know exactly where the contacts, right here these two contacts are going to make contact with the actual charger and it’s magnetic, so that way it holds in place so that way it doesn’t go anywhere, so you want to make sure that you know where that’s located.

Also, on the neck right here between the rose and the shaft itself there are two buttons, can I get that clear you got that kind of clear two buttons, one controls the actual rose itself so that way you can be able to have the air pulse coming from it and then the other one controls the vibration, so it controls the vibration of the shaft.

You need to know now, you can have these working at the same time together, or you can actually have them independent, so… basically, in order to make sure it’s on, it is going to light up so you want to hold it down for about three seconds it lights up, and then you can also use that same button to be able to go through your different controls. this upper button controls the rose and then the lower one controls the shaft, so that way you can be able to see the difference.

All right so I’m going to turn off the rose itself, hold it down for three seconds it shuts off the air pulse and now I can sit here and use just the wand, nice, flexible, easy, great for the body, good for penetration because you have a, you can use the rose head at as a handle so you could be able to add stimulation, another form of clitoral stimulation if you’re looking for vibration style pleasure, you have that option as well.

So, this is a product that can be used unisex, so no matter if it’s on to a male or into a female, it can be used you can actually use apply a little bit of lubricant and then you can use the rose itself for the chest, or you can actually use the penetrating part for anyone who wants to use that part as well.

If you have any questions about this item or any others leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to answer those questions.

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All right I’ll talk to you guys later, later, later oh my gosh I am so tongue-tied today, I’ll talk to you guys later have an awesome day and as always, stay sexy my friends!