Video Transcription

Hey hey hey, y’all! Oh, I sound real country just now. Well, I am coming to you today to talk about my favorite thing in the whole wide world, lube! Lube is everything; lube is light, for those who don’t know me I’m Shany Hart, sex educator, sex coach, and co-owner of the erotic boutique’s Hearts Desires in the DMV area.

So first let me talk about my shirt. This is how much I love lube; I made this shirt, let me know if you like a lube shirt. so it says let me get my titties in the picture “it’s better to have lube and not need it, than it and not have” it it’s true, I’ve been there before… it would never happen again, that raw you know, raw sex without the lube, that’s a whole Another video.

Today I’m reviewing these new lubes that we’re carrying in the store and online from Sutil. I’ve had so many people ask me about carrying this lube because they’ve tried it, and they love it, and they want to get it from us.

So I have three different kinds so I have the original, is the pure I have the two body glides, deluxe and the rich. So let’s get into these.

the pure is a great no-nonsense, clean, you know safe for all types of sex, safes for all sex toys, free of all the stuff that you don’t want, no glycerin, no parabens, you know it’s vegan, it’s PH-balanced, it even comes in a biodegradable tube, I mean reducing your carbon footprint while you know lubing up your coochie, that’s awesome, I need that in my life.

The pure also has horny goat weed in it, so it has like none of the bad stuff, but a ton of good ingredients, all the ingredients you can find on our website, but I loved it has horny goat weed. Janae, one of our staff members at Anna’s Morgan she said about the pure, that this is straight out of her mouth, not mine she said “it seems to last longer, it spreads really well, it’s not sticky and the horny goat weed did exactly what it was supposed to”, I guess she had a fun time.

So that is the pure, then next we have the two body glides, now we have deluxe and the rich. they both to me are long-lasting like silicone, I guess that’s why they call it a body glide because it really gives you that nice slick feeling, but still has a water-based feel, because some people like water base better because it feels like natural lubrication more than silicone does.

This one lasts a long time, still has all the great things in it, oh this one has… let me see if I can say it right: hyaluronic acid, now when I think of hyaluronic acid I’m like “oh fancy” I think about those makeup commercials on the TV they’re like it has the soft music, it’s like then she got her face all up there and use this hyaluronic acid. That’s in this lube it has a whole bunch of other great ingredients like I said last for a long time.

Then lastly it’s my favorite this is the rich, I love a thicker lube that’s something about a thicker lube, more cushion, great for anal sex. If you’re someone that likes a thicker lube to use with your silicone anal toys and you don’t want to use the silicone lube, the rich is going to be perfect it also has that horny goat weed in it, you know? So you know the aphrodisiacs are going to be working. This is the rich and this one is my favorite.

We have the rich, deluxe, and the pure. I’m super happy when we get new lubes in special ones that are really great for women’s bodies like stop, stop going to the drugstore in the supermarket to buy your lubes, buy great lubes, your body is going thank you see y’all later.