Video Transcription

What’s up? How are you feeling? Want some weed? I got that good… that good-good Jessie right here.

I’m nowhere near a weed seller, I can’t sell oh my gosh, I don’t know but either way.

What I can tell you… I don’t know anything about weed but this right here, I can tell you a boatload about, this right here, this thing yeah, that good-good that yeah that wacky tobacky, for the bedroom.

Hey, what’s going on, I’m Mike from and today we’re talking about the Jessie bullet. Alright so this is the marijuana 4/20 category product at 420 friendly things and basically, it’s a small 3-inch vibrator, a bullet vibrator.

Now, what’s next – Jessie so cool and so much fun? is that it’s small, discreet, you could put it for me I know my hand boom you can’t even tell us in there very discreet, you can hide it in your shoes or whatever you want.

Another thing I like about it is that its rechargeable. That’s right it comes with a rechargeable cord that you can sit there and be able to use and plug it in, boom right in there now you ready to rock and roll, you charge it up get it at full charge and you can be using this for hours and hours or days, weeks, without even having to charge it just depends on how long you use it during each play session, what determine on how long actual charge.

Don’t overcharge it so like every single time you see people “Oh I plug it in just so that way when the next time I use it is already with a full charge”. The charge lasts such a long time that honestly you don’t need to charge it up every single time every single day that you use it you don’t have to do that, you can actually let it go for times over and over again, you’re pretty much good to go.

It is waterproof so that way you can use it in a shower, the swimming pool, the bathtub, you can be able to submerge it in water so it can drop down into water and to stay you know deep into the water and stay down there for as long as you need it for and still be able to vibrate, so it’s great.

Great with couples so if you plan on using them with your partner because it’s so small you could be able to hold it, ladies you can hold it against the clitoris to be able to stimulate so that way it heightens the pleasure doing intercourse with your partner.

It has 10 different levels of vibration, 10 as low, medium, and high of continuous vibration across the board. Then from that point, you have seven different levels of pulsating stimulation, so it gives you a different combination of pulsing, so that way kind of build-up those nerve endings against the clitoris to heighten a pleasure so, I definitely think that’s one of the coolest things about it is that the fact that it has those tender pillows.

It comes in different patterns and colors as far as wish you can see so right now this is the marijuana, so you kind of see that got the little small leaves on it, also based on that like here’s a one with a larger marijuana leaf and then it comes in solid colors so if you go to if you want to see like the different ones just type in Jesse and pretty much you’ll be able to see all of those come up.

But I like the 420 we’re representing you know the marijuana that 420 friendly family, this is the reason why we’re talking about the Jesse 420 for that reason.

All right so, again this is Mike from representing with the 420 Made by the company Maia, we appreciate you like again if you have questions about this product or any others please feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram and or you can go on even on YouTube and you can also discrete messages even if you go on to the website, you could talk to one of our sex educators it’s a little box will pop up and say “hey you know talk live with a sex educator” so when that box pops up on your screen you could be able to talk to them on that, alright?

Talk to you guys later, have an awesome time, stay sexy my friends.