Video Transcription

Hey! what’s going on live family, so today for those of you guys who don’t know me let me at least start off with that because I’m Tony and I am one of the owners of Hart’s Desires and this is a toy review on the Simply Aqua Jelly Lubricant all right.

For those of you again that don’t know me I’m just one of the halves me and myself and my wife, we own Harts Desires which is in the Washington DC area we have adult stores and we also have online and this is our YouTube channel where we actually talk about products and reviews and information, you know any ways to have better sex.

This again back to the lube this is a jelly lubricant now there are different categories normally four different categories of lubricant:

  • You have a water-based lubricant
  • You have a silicone lubricant
  • You have hybrid lubricant and
  • You have jelly lubricants, I mean not jelly, shucks! you have an oil base

So now this is a category but this right here will fall on the jelly lubricants normally fall under either hybrids or water-based, there are a few jelly silicones but this one right here will fall under the water-based category, so it is a water-based lubricant but it’s a lot thicker the reason that is thick is because it’s meant to the thickness is used to stay around for a longer period of time.

Water-based lubricants are normally known for being there for a period of time and then removing itself drying up so that way your body can now take over so great for vaginal sex, if it’s anal sex you just have to constantly reapply but you know you still can have a little fun with that.

Well the thing is about the jelly lubricants and at least what the what Wicked did with this Simply Aqua was they created and made it a lot thicker so if you guys could see that…almost dropped it! so it’s a lot more thicker so that way it doesn’t run around or anything like that supposed to stay on stage stay attached to the body for a longer period of time, so it has a little tackiness to it just so that way I can stay there a little bit, a little longer it’s a little bit thicker still water-based so it does dry up after a while but it’s definitely out of your normal water-based lubricants this stays around for a damn good long time, so I’m definitely you know I love the fact that that’s there.

So if I had to pick if someone says for example you wanted an all-around lubricant then definitely a jelly lubricant water-based jelly will be one of those one products that I would definitely recommend because you can use… it’s all around product you can use it with all your toys, you can use it with your partners, you could use it for self-pleasure, you could use it for anal sex, you could use it for vaginal, so you have all of these different options there is no “you can’t use it” this is one of those products that it says yes to every situation, even in the shower, the swimming pool, jacuzzi or whatever you still can be able to use it because it’s still going to stay slick but you have to have to reapply because it is water-based you know so it’s not going to work give the greatest performance in water but it still does help, it’s better to have lube and not need it than to need it and not have it.

You know so definitely this right here again is the Simply Aqua Jelly Lubricant and definitely… yes, I have used it with my partner and so some people will ask I’m just gonna get out yes! Shani and I have used it, yes and also self-pleasure, yes got the yeah choking the chicken, yes it works yes! Yes! Yes!

Fellas or people with penises, if you choose to use this as well, yes, yes, I’m telling you can whack off, choke the chicken, beat the salami, stuff the whatever else you want to call it, choke the monkey, and all those things yes, it is good to use for that as well.

So, you can put down a hand lotion come back and get you some Simply Aqua and you know we can go from there.

So, friends, and family, it was awesome hanging out with y’all on this video as always, we’re all freaks to get on the elevator the only difference between this is which floor we get off on, and if you like me, you get off on every floor just to see what’s going on.

As always stay sexy and stay lubricated my friends deuces.