Video Transcription

Let me tell you, pleasure does not have to be expensive, pleasure is for everybody it should be accessible toys should be accessible and at we have a bunch of them for you budget conscious really good toys.

So before I get into that, who am I? Shani Hart, Sex Educator, Certified Sex Coach and Co-Owner of erotic boutiques in the DMV, let’s just get into the toys.

For the toy of the week, I have three toys for you that are all under 24.99$ under 25$ so the first one is the Amelia clitoral stimulator. This one is awesome you see how big this look at my face, I have a big face, it has a large surface area it’s connected to a remote so I’m going to hit this button it lights up and then it’s a up and down switch where it has 10 different vibration modes and pulsations, it takes two double A batteries it’s awesome I love it… it has really deep rumbly vibrations, this is going to be great to use for masturbation by yourself, it’s going to be awesome to use when you’re having sex with your partner hold on your clit a lot of us need a little clitoral stimulation while we’re having sex, so this is an awesome toy to have in your tool chest.

Next we have the Power Bullet also battery operated and bullets I think everyone should have a bullet you can use a bullet for so many different things use it for masturbation, use it for foreplay with your partner, use it on a whole bunch of different body parts nipples, you know penis, all different sorts of body parts.

This one has a dial where you could turn it and it’s strong this thing is super strong you could turn it up… it’s moving I’m not even moving, it’s moving in my hand you could turn it up as fast or as slow and get the vibration how you like it, also you use it by yourself or with a partner and this one is actually under 15$, you can’t beat that, you need this in your life.

The last one is going to be the Tongue Lover. This one is actually a silicone toy it is rechargeable and it’s waterproof this is awesome for under 25$ a rechargeable silicone toy hello, but this one is also going to be great to use on different body parts. It’s marketed as a clitoral stimulator but you can use it anywhere that you want like with toys your imagination is going to be the limit of how you can use this against pleasure you can use this toy a different way every single night and you’ll never run out of possibilities how to use it.

So this one is the Tongue Lover it also has 10 different vibration and pulsation modes… you see a little interrupted… this it’s awesome you’re gonna want this in your tool chest.

So those are three toys under 24.99$ that you need to have in your tool chest for those budget conscious shoppers or just somebody just you know wants a little extra something to throw in there, stay sexy my friends.