Video Transcription

Hey, what’s going on online family this is Mike from and today we’re talking about the Vibro Finger.

now I’m over here in the shipping department and we’re actually shipping out, we’re shipping them out and… we actually got an email for a customer who already had theirs, and they ask “hey it doesn’t work”, so let me go through it.

I’m creating this video to sit there and be able to send out to everyone to be able to explain to you the operation, something’s really simple and easy.
As soon as you get it, you open up the package alright, once you open up the package… it comes in a sealed container like a seal pack like this, this is my demo so you just rip off from one side and pull out your Vibro Finger.

Once your finger is out, you grab a hold of the bullet itself and actually screw off the top, when you screw up the top and inside you’ll see this little white piece of paper, what that is for is actually to preserve the batteries.

So what you do is you take like I… got here got a pair of scissors, so I’m gonna just take it and I’m actually just going to remove, that piece so you know pretty much had this little piece of paper I don’t know if you guys can see that, yeah this little piece of paper and now the batteries are ready to rock and roll, you will just take the cap slide it back, twist it back on nice and comfortable, “Boom” it doesn’t have to be too tight.

Once you have that then you can make your adjustments to be able to put it back in over this sleeve boom right back in place so now you have your Vibro Finger, from this point when it’s time to it’s almost near plate time so what you’re going to do is you take a little toy cleaner spray it down just to rinse it off just to keep off make sure it’s no dust, especially for clitoral and vaginal play you want to make sure that you actually makes… keep it clean to make sure there’s no dust on it while you are operating input taking a bullet out, putting the batteries and all that.

Once you have that together now you want to be able to apply now I have big hands, but this wrist strap is so easy to put on, so comfortable that I can put it around and not have anything to worry about, so I’ll put the wrist strap on from that point, I’d sit there slide my two fingers, now you can put any two fingers but for me what’s comfortable for me will be my ring finger and my middle finger, so that’s the two that I’m using, so now I have it here together already, ready to rock and roll, I have the adjustments, now I could be able to play.

Turn on a vibrator, now it comes with a one-speed vibrator on/off so it’s just one solid level, I tell you, you can always if you ever want to upgrade your bullet because since is a standard bullet size you can always upgrade that from now from this point if you want to use one of your favorite bullets you already have, or you want something with a little more speeds, a little stronger, a little waterproof, you have those extra options available.

So but this is the Vibro Finger and nice material, slick and easy, I could be able to operate, it it’s not uncomfortable, it actually feels for me, quite normal… I actually do have this at home, but I actually did replace my bullet and put in an upgraded one, out actually used… if you go on our website if you go onto the website and look up…the Joy the Vedo, that’s the bullet that I actually put inside and that operates a little a little bit better, is submersible so that way you can submerge into water and it still has the same push button operations and it’s rechargeable, the reason that I wanted for it was for the rechargeable part and active battery part.

Now if you do need replaceable batteries you can go to any of like your local drug store, or Walmart, Target, the batteries are LR-44, so it’s real easy to replace or if you need some and you can’t find them just give us a call or contact the email, and we can send you a pack of them.

That’s that, this is the Vibro Finger and that was little details for you all, I gotta get back to work cuz I got to finish shipping out something to all you guys so that way you can have your stuff on time, and I’ll talk to you guys later.