Let’s CHASE the RAINBOW because it’s PRIDE MONTH, baby! There’s something super special about June because we get a collective chance to be supporters, allies, and friends to all of our LGBTQ+ community. Companies use the month of June to display, highlight, and SPOTLIGHT the lives, love, and lessons from those living OUT LOUD on the human sexuality spectrum. Being able to love who you love without fear of violence, prejudice, and isolation is the foundational principle and pillar of PRIDE month, and Hart’s Desires is here for it. 

You may have noticed companies, organizations, and individuals shining the light on LGBTQ+ designers, creatives, and activists who are proud and productive in their fight for equality, equity, and respect. This includes everyday people who are making it a lifelong goal to share their truths, fight for their rights, and show up in their fullness. These individuals stand up to the stigma and shift the paradigm that harms, hurts, and hinders growth in our communities and our homes. 

PRIDE Month comes during the month of June each year, and it’s designed to magnify and celebrate the lives and voices of LGBTQ+ community. June is the month of celebration as it commemorates the Stonewall Rising that led to the Gay Liberation Movement. During the month of June, parades, concerts, health fairs, and other events are held as a sign of freedom and solidarity for individuals who are living beyond the heteronormative traditions of our society. 

WE ARE NOT ABOUT THAT “harm others for who they love” LIFE. 

At Hart’s Desires, we encourage everyone to get their SEX ON regardless of sexual orientation, sexual fantasies, or sexual desires. We also deeply understand that sex is quite often only the outward expression of much deeper emotions, feelings, and experiences. The intimacy we all feel for those we love is shown in how we physically connect with our partners. And, every single person who wishes to share their love through banging, hot, loving, and consensual sex deserve to be embraced, supported, and discussed. We provide educational and pleasure events for EVERYBODY. We serve everyone. We extend our respect and compassion to everyone. We want everyone to HAVE AMAZING SEX with cool toys and safe products. 

Are you a woman who loves women? We support you. 

Are you a man who loves a man? We support you. 

Are you a trans man who loves a woman? We support you. 

Are you a queer woman who loves a queer man? We support you. 






Here are five ways we are choosing to stand by the LGBTQ+ community. 

  1. We will SHOW inclusive images of every type of love. 

  2. We will PROVIDE events for all individuals and couples. 

  3. We will SHARE sex tips, tricks, and toys for the entire sexuality spectrum.

  4. We will SUPPORT companies and vendors who are LGBTQ+ safe. 

  5. We will EMBRACE employees, customers, and clients regardless of sexual orientation.

So, we say cheers to those standing boldly in their freedom during PRIDE month. May every person feel loved, connected, and seen during this month and every month to come (no pun intended).