Is two minutes really a short period of time? Well, we don’t think so. When we are asked to run for two minutes without stopping, two minutes can seem like ten minutes. So, if running and sex are anything alike….having sex for two minutes can actually be an accomplishment. 

The truth about being a “2-minute man” or being with a “2-minute man” is this: it’s super common. It’s extremely common for men not to be able to continue sexual activity for more than a few minutes at a time. So, you might be asking…what should you do when this happens? Our answer to that is this: release the need to count the minutes, enjoy the moment, and try not to allow the length of time to overshadow the performance. 

Did you enjoy the sexual experience? 

Was it fun, intense, passionate, and loving? 

Did you have an orgasm? 

Was he/she satisfied with what you offered during the experience? 

These are all questions you can ask instead of focusing on how long it lasted. Research says that sexual experiences last about 3-7 minutes on average. If two people make it to 12-13 minutes, they are doing big things. That said, 2 minutes isn’t that far off from the average 3 minute mark. 

At the end of the day (or the end of the romp), focus more on the experience than the estimated time. A shorter sexual experience may actually prove more intense and satisfying than longer ones filled with boring positions and no orgasms. Go ahead, get it in, and then get up and go about your day. 

If you want to make your two minutes even more enjoyable here are some things you can try

  • Have mo foreplay! Think about it, if you’ve already had 45 minutes of kissing, touching, licking, petting and more- that 2 minutes is just going to be the icing on the cake. A lot of times, especially women, are bodies aren’t revved up enough before penetration. We need to be more aroused. During the arousal process your heart beats faster, more blood flows to all your most sensitive parts, your lubrication starts, among other things. If the pleasure you want with your partner is level 100, you’ll reach it a lot faster if you start off at level 90 than from 0. Try one of our intimacy games for some new foreplay action.
  • Mastubate before hand. You can have foreplay all by yourself! This ties into the first tip- Getting super aroused before the sex even starts.
  • If your partner is a 2 minute man you can level the playing field with a toy. Vibrators such as bullets, clitoral stimulators, wand and rabbits stimulate your favorite erogenous zones. Often times the clit is ignored during sex which is a definite no no for a lot of women that don’t normally have orgasms from penetrative sex. Break out your favorite toy that you use by yourself and use it with your partner. If you’ve tried the Rose Clitoral Suction Vibrator you now you could tie the race to the finish for sure!
  • Have them finish you off! Who said that intimacy is over when one partner climaxes. You see all the time in the movies and TV shows where the man cums, falls back to the bed, and the woman is laying there unsatisfied. Let me tell you- It doesn’t have to be that way!!!! Keep the party going! I know I don’t mind a little oral attention if my partner finishes first.

Now if you’ve read all of that and STILL are giving me the eye, keep calm! Here are a few suggestions if you AND your partner want to work on extending the time some. (This is where they should start reading if not already lol)

  • Use a desentizer. Stud 100, Jo Prolonger spray, and Sta Hard are applied to the penis and help reduce the sensitivity of the penis helping extend the pleasure. When using these make sure the cream or liquid has fully been absorbed or has dried. The LAST thing you want is to have some extra on there, insert it into wherever you’re sticking it, and make the other person a little desensitized too. Ask me how I know lol
  • Practice! Masturbating can help figure out what to do to prolong sex and extend the pleasure for your partner. If you find that your masturbating style is to just get it over with fast that could be transferring right into your sex life. Take your time and concentrate, try different stroking techniques, and be more mindful during masturbation so you stay connected with your body. Instead of it being just a fast means to an end, take your time. It helps to mimic what your partner feels like. Using lubricant and a toy like Alex Neo that has different thrusting patterns and actual sexual fantasies that play out through audio on the masturbator can be a real good practice tool.
  • Try a cock ring! They can help delay ejaculation by compressing the area surrounding the base of the penis and testicles. A technique that helps with premature ejaculation is something called the “squeeze technique”. It’s when you squeeze under the tip of your penis to kinda push the blood flow out of the penis and give yourself a little break. A cock ring can also help, especially the ones that have a second ring that wraps around your testicles. That second ring pulls your testicles down, which helps to delay ejaculation. Try this one- Teardrop Silicone Cock Ring and Ball Sling. We’ve heard great reviews that it works 
  • Wear a condom. You might be monogamous and at that point that you don’t use condoms. But that extra layer between you and your partner can act like a slip on desentizer. Try some condoms from Black owned condom brand BCondom.


Whether it’s 2 minutes or 45 minutes we want you to have the BESTEST time! Everything mentioned in this article can be found at either Hart’s Desires locations or at

Leave me a comments and let me know if you’ve tried any of these techniques.