Did you ever notice that there’s tons of myths about masturbation? People just don’t want you to have any sexual fun! I’m here to tell you that a lot of what you’ve heard of isn’t true.

The myths “They” say about masturbation

Only pervs masturbate.

  • The truth is that mastubation is super common! Even if you’re not doing it right now (while reading this email) someone, somewhere is doing it.

Masturbation kills your energy.

  • I personally have never masturbated and felt like I just couldn’t move on with my day, if that’s what I wanted to do. Being comatosed because I masturbated- nah!

Masturbation ruins your drive to have sex with your partner.

  • No way! If this is happening and you’re replacing intimacy with masturbation than that’s an issue to address.

It’s not normal to masturbate if you have a partner.

  • You better call the masturbation police on me then! Just because you’re having sex with your partner doesn’t mean you have to stop having it by yourself. It’s also a great way for the person that has a higher sex drive to still have the sexual satisfaction they need. I can’t speak for everyone but knowing that my partner masturbates takes some of the pressure off of me to always keep them satisfied.

And the BIGGEST myth that I hear is that if you’re a woman you’ll desensitize your clitoris by masturbating too much.

  • Sigh……this one. I think a man with a small peen and a weak stroke came up with this one. It is not true! But, however, comma, you can train your body to only have orgasms in one way which can make people think that the actual act of masturbation is the culprit. This one needs a whole blog about it. Stay tuned for tips to make sure you keep things fresh and new with yourself and get out of the masurbation rut in the next blog post.

Benefits of Masturbation

Let’s go over some of my favorite benefits of masturbating that I think after reading will be yours too!

  • Increases body confidence. You might have some body image issues. I know I do, and presently saving my coins for a lil nip tuck. BUT, when I rub the different parts of my body and think about the pleasure they bring me I like them just a lil more. Go ahead and rub on those inner thighs with a bullet during your solo play time and you might just look at the jiggle differently!
  • Helps you learn what things to do to bring you pleasure. Which body parts, what stroke, what vibration, what positions that excite you the most can be found when you take the time exploring your body. 
  • Finding out what to report to your partner to help you have the most pleasure together. When you know better, you do better. Hopefully. Letting your partner know all of the things that you like to do by yourself will give them the roadmap to your pleasure. They can even watch you in action if you don’t have the words to explain it. 
  • It can help you get the party started before sex. Start getting hot and bothered before the main event that day. 
  • It relieves stress. I know I feel a lot better after.
  • It helps you sleep better. After you orgasm there’s a bunch of different hormones that are released in the body. You’ll feel better and sleep better.

I hope this shined a new light on your self pleasure and if you felt a little shame about masturbation made you feel awesome about it!

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