The Art of Compromise in the Bedroom – 5 Tips so you BOTH get want you want!

The Art of Compromise in the Bedroom

First let me say, I hate to compromise! I’m spoiled, stingy, and always want my way. In the bedroom that ain’t a great attitude to have. When you’re selfish in the bedroom and not willing to compromise it’s like saying…..Fcuk your pleasure! Fcuk your needs! Fcuk your desires! Not cool. So what exactly does it […]

Review of the Maia Destiny Vibrating and Suction Clitoral Toy

Review of the Maia Destiny Vibrating and Suction Clitoral Toy

Video Transcription Hey everybody Shany Hart here again with your toy of the week, I really enjoyed this one and I took it for a little ride. but for those who don’t know me, I am co-owner of hearth’s desires erotic boutiques in the DMV, I am a sex educator, I am a certified sex […]

You can BEAT IT: Why masturbation is great for the fellas!

Let’s say it together: MASTER-BA-TION. Yes, it’s good for you. It’s okay to admit to touching yourself to orgasm. You don’t need permission, but you also don’t need shame for doing you (literally). Self pleasure must be at the top of your priority list because you frankly can’t put your pleasure in the hands (no […]

Less Stress, More Sex: How to Combat Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

You’ve heard this 50-leven times already… This. Has. Been. A. Year. Last thing I want you to do is add anything else to possibly jack up your sex life even more. Stress Kills Desire. Anxiety kills desire. Depression kills desire. These “things” tend to rear their ugly heads for some at a higher level around […]

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