I saw this meme on social media and it made me bust out laughing!

Pelvic floor muscles

I feel like a man created this meme! LOL But it brought up a topic I like talking about……kegels. You might have heard of them but are you doing them right? Do you know what benefits doing these exercises will reap? Let’s get into it.

Kegel exercises involve the contracting and the relaxation of your pelvic floor muscles. It’s not working your “pussy muscles” or tightening your vagina but strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Those muscles kinda look like a hammock that extend from your pubic bone all the way to your anus. People with vaginas and penises have these muscles, so fellas you can keep reading!

I used to always associate pelvic floor muscles with sex. I like sex. I like talking about sex. I like talking to other people about sex! lol I found out these muscles have a lot of other functions besides its relationship to sex. They assist with lower back support, bladder control, and pelvic organ support. Think bladder, uterus, vagina, and rectum. As you can imagine it’s hella important that these organs stay in the rightful place. Have you heard of vaginal prolapse? Yoooo….it’s real! So vaginal prolapse is when your organs shift around and possibly descend. Not cute. Can you imagine you’re having penetrative sex and your boo is up in your vagina with a dildo or a penis, or…..a whole arm (no judgement) and they stop and look at you and say “Hey I feel something weird, you ok?”. You respond with, “It’s ok, just my uterus falling down a little bit, keep going!” Nope. Not gonna let y’all go out like that.

Back to sex. The more you can control the tightening and relaxation of your pelvic floor muscles it can increase all the pleasurable sensations and feels during sex and lead to bigger orgasms. An orgasm is basically the spasming of these muscles. Stronger muscles= stronger spasms= stronger orgasms. Anyone reading this want stronger orgasms? Keep reading.

What makes someone say, hey I need to do some kegels? Maybe you just want bionic “pussy muscles” like the meme. Or someone advised that since your old azz isn’t getting any younger you better start. lol Pelvic floor muscles get weaker with age so it’s a great reason. Other conditions or events are childbirth, lifting heavy things incorrectly, not maintaining a healthy weight, and straining while you poop. Repeat after me. Let. Shit. Happen. That’s a mantra you can use!

I find it more comfortable to do them laying in bed. It’s a part of my self care and relaxation regimen. You can do them sitting in a firm chair, standing, or even walking around the grocery store.

There’s different options to assist you in doing your kegel exercises.

  • Doing kegels using nothing at all.
  • Using your finger in your vagina. You can make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly by placing your finger inside of your vagina about 2 inches. You’ll feel a lifting and contraction if done right.
  • Checking your perineum. People with penises and vaginas can do this one. Place a finger in the area between your vagina or testicles and anus, I call it the taint. With a little pressure you’ll feel the contraction.
  • Using a tool. There are tons of options out there for kegel exercisers. There’s Ben Wa balls, Kegel balls that come in different sizes and weights, kegel sets, and vibrating kegel exercisers. I like using tools because it’s kinda a cheat. As the balls move around inside your vagina your body will involuntarily be working responding to the movement. Since you’re not usually aroused before inserting any of these tools, a water based lube such as Sliquid H2O will make the experience more comfortable.
    • Things to note. If you have weakened pelvic floor muscles you want to start off with a larger/lighter tool and work your way up to one that requires more strength. I don’t want you at work explaining to your coworkers where these little silver balls that just rolled out from your cubicle came from. LOL
    • Smaller/heavier exercisers: I like the Duo Kegel Balls because you can use them one at a time or both in the silicone sleeve. Lelo’s Mini Luna Beads offer so many different weight combinations with its interchangeable beads. The 50 Shades Ben Wa balls are a heavy weight perfect for advanced keglers.
    • Larger/lighter exercisers: These Plastic Bwn Wa balls are great for beginners. These have an internal small ball inside the larger outer ball and as they move around in your vagina it creates an awesome vibration. Lelo’s Luna Beads are larger than the mini ones and have the same interchangeable balls. They also produce a vibration effect while mingling around in your vagina. Gotta love that!
    • Weighted sets are great by allowing you the ability to easily move up to heavier weights without having to buy several exercisers. I like the Silicone Cherry Weighted Set because they’re really comfortable and oh so cute.
    • Vibrating Exerciser: My favorite kegel tool of all. I like a little fun while working out. That’s why I don’t go to the gym lol. The extra stimulation makes me look forward to doing my kegels daily. Right now I’m using this Femme Funn Momenta Vibrating Rechargeble Kegel Exerciser. I apply a little water based lube and do my sets. The remote that comes with it makes using this in public a breeze. And honey…just think date night out with bae. (I just gave you an idea lol)  Also I really appreciate how the Momenta leaves the power button on the outside of your body so you can turn it on and off AND change the 10 modes while it’s still in.

Now that you have your game plan of what you’re going to use to do your kegels Let’s Do Them!!

  1. Pull in and towards your belly button. Just imagine that time you were out late, had a lot to drink, and find yourself peeing somewhere that you had no business peeing. All of a sudden you see headlights and you stop peeing. That muscle that you squeezed….we’re targeting that. If you’re using your fingers in the vagina or on the perineum you’ll feel the contraction. If you’re using a tool you’ll feel it rise a little in your vagina.
  2. Breathe normally, you don’t want to hold your breath. You also want to only focus on your pelvic floor muscles. Leave your abs and your glutes relaxed. I know everyone wants 6 pack abs and a booty in twerk ready condition but save it for later. lol Hold it for 5-10 seconds.
  3. Release. Take a deep breath in and out. We want to make sure everything we might involuntarily still have tense is relaxed.
  4. Do this 10xs daily and work yourself up to 3 sets of 10 daily. In about a month to a few months you’ll feel the difference in your muscles.

Now go out into the world and squeeze yourself to better health and better orgasms!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions about these good ole kegel exercises!

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