Oh…so you’re not a sexy nurse trying to check my blood pressure…? Who cares. You can be whatever you want to be when you decide to play a new role for your boo thang. Role playing is an exciting and adaptable way to spice up your sex life and have a little fun. 

Role playing is the act of expressing your fantasies through assuming the position or character of someone other than yourself. Role play includes putting your imaginations to use and giving your partner something to look forward to when it’s time to turn on the sexy. Role play may include third person communication, costumes, and props. When you role play you allow your partner and yourself to transform into someone new in order to ignite dormant elements of your sexual personality. 

Now, your role playing may not always be in the form of a sexy nurse; as you can role play with almost any concept. However, role playing is about being able to release inhibitions and see a different side of your partner or show a different side of yourself. The purpose of role play is to help you let go of the standard expectations that some people have about sexual encounters and sexual freedom. Many times, sexual experiences can become less than amusing because they are held back by what is considered “appropriate” and “acceptable” in the bedroom (or the kitchen…because you know I’m kinky). 

Here are a few tips to remember when you role play… 

  1. A great costume can enhance a sexual experience.
  2.  An attitude of power or authority can create great sexual tension.
  3. A sex toy or other props can make a sexual moment more intense.
  4. An open line of communication can keep everyone satisfied and happy during role play.
  5. It builds trust through vulnerability and fun
  6. It helps you build your own fantasies instead of relying on porn
  7. It keeps the spark alive and keeps you interested in how your partner will present 

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