Does kissing lead to intimacy? 

We are going to say ABSOLUTELY. Kissing is a huge part of our first encounters with affection and attraction. The art of kissing is more than putting our lips together and sharing a special moment. There are definitely several ways that kissing can create intimacy within a relationship. For centuries, we have deemed kissing an intricate part of the courting process and now it’s become a large part of the sanctity of relationships. 

Kissing is often the most sensual interaction individuals have with each other outside of taking their clothes off. Kissing instinctively brings two people so close together that they can feel each other’s breathing pattern, they can feel their heartbeat, and they can feel the burning desire to be with each other. Kissing often seems like the first step to a deeper connection and a more serious relationship. If you’ve watched any iconic commercials, romantic movies, or sentimental Broadway shows, the kiss is usually the main focus of the story as it signifies the deepest feelings brewing under the surface. 

Do you know why kissing is so important in building a relationship, growing intimacy, and increasing sexual excitement? 

The lips contain the most nerve endings on the human body. That being said, kissing allows for individuals to ignite more than a million nerve endings as a means to create a closer connection with each other. A kiss can be said to be the most intimate interaction two people can have with each other. Now, let us say this, kissing is not an instinctual action for humans. Therefore, you have to study different forms of kissing, practice kissing, and improve your kissing skills. Kissing is a skill, so start kissing more. 


Kissing is often the onset of the sexual experience. 

You get to choose how you want your sexual experience to unfold based on how you express yourself during the kissing phase. You can gently reveal how you enjoy your sexual interactions based on how you kiss. Long, passionate kisses can reveal that you desire longer more methodical sex and short, playful kisses can reveal that you desire intense quick moments of sex. 

Kissing involves multiple approaches (forehead kiss, peck kiss, French kiss, etc.). 

Whether you are receiving forehead kisses that feel like a warm blanket or you’re being “tongued” down, there are several approaches to kissing and each kiss can mean something different to you. Maybe forehead kisses mean I love you and French kisses mean I want to take you to bed. Be sure to remember that your kiss has an underlying meaning and you are communicating your feelings through your kisses. You get to choose the approach and the meaning of your kisses with each partner. Also, have a little fun and ask your partner what they believe each kiss means. 

Kissing includes knowing the other person’s sensuality points.

When you choose to kiss someone, you also agree to learning their sensuality points. Sensuality points are  places on a person’s body that mark their arousal signals. Maybe they enjoy having their lower back held or they like wrapping their arms around your neck. Maybe they want a booty squeeze while getting a peck on the lips. Try to learn which sensuality points your partner enjoys during kissing moments to in enhance intimacy. 

Kissing reveals how a person feels about you.

Kissing can tell you if someone is “really that into you” as you explore, grow, or maintain your relationship. If they avoid kissing you altogether or seem uninterested in kissing you, they just may not be that into you. If they seem eager to kiss, it may reveal how much they either like you, want to have sex with you, or feel a deeper connection with you. 

Kissing is the most intimate form of physical interaction. 

As we mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, our lips have over a million nerve endings in them. This means that kissing is a very intimate physical interaction as it ignites multiple reactors in our bodies and send messages to our brains about how fun the sex MIGHT be. Therefore, kissing gives us so much insight into our partner that it becomes a serious element to intimacy. 

Kissing can keep the fire lit in a relationship.

Once again, when we kiss, we tap into those nerve endings that give us the dopamine and serotonin hits we love to have in our relationships. The more you kiss, the more your brain releases dopamine to your body. The more dopamine your body releases, the longer that fire is lit. One way to keep your relationship on fire is to keep smooching and smacking those lips with your partner.  

Kissing can be used as a form of deep communication. 

You can talk to your partner, spouse, or prospective connection through your kisses. You can let them know how much you like them, want to be intimate with them, and care about them based on how, when, and why you kiss them. Kissing can be a form of reconciliation and a sign of desire. Use your kisses to communicate how you deeply feel about the person(s) in your life. 

Kissing should be the first way to gauge levels of sexual attraction. 

You can really tell if someone likes you by how they kiss you. How do you feel when you are kissed? How do you feel when you kiss someone? What happens in your body when you interact through kissing? These are all signs of how sexually attracted you are to someone. Kissing should intensify your attraction and arousal if the spark is there. If there is no spark when you’re kissing, figure out why and make decisions accordingly. 

Kissing should be consensual. 

Get permission to kiss someone. Make sure others get permission to kiss you as well. There is never a time when someone should be so engulfed in passion that a kiss is rendered to you without consent. If someone kisses you without permission, they may lack boundaries and respect for your private space. Be mindful of this when someone decides to kiss you without permission. 

Kissing should make you even more comfortable. 

Ease and comfort should be a part of your kissing experience. If you feel nervous, disgusted, or uncomfortable when you’re engaging in a kiss, then it’s time to reevaluate where your feelings are about the person you’re kissing. A lack of trust, past moments of betrayal, and loss of attraction can cause you to feel uncomfortable during a kiss regardless of what kind of kiss you’re receiving. 

Kissing should be gentle (even when it’s intense). 

Aggression, roughness, and abuse should never be a part of a kiss. Even with intensity and passion, kissing should be gentle. Gentle simply means that you should feel safe during the kiss. In no way should you be pulled, pushed, groped, pinned down, or held against your will during a kiss. Unless you have explicitly verbalized your desire for BDSM/kink interactions, kisses should be gentle and free of dominance.

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I hope if you didn’t grasp anything in this article you WANT to kiss somebody right now!!! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about kissing.

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