Video Transcription

Hey yo, they said the gays can take pride month and shove the whole month up their ass.

Hey y’all I’m Shani hart sex educator certified sex coach and co-owner of HartsDesires erotic boutiques in the DMV and it is pride month, hey my whole alphabet family, I identify as queer so this is my month to shine too, and today for the toy of the week, these are my favorite non-vibrating butt plugs, I got other ones that vibrate that I love too.

These are my favorite non-vibrating butt plugs; these are awesome because they have everything, I like in a butt plug:

Number one, silicone, you want silicone you want non-porous materials in your butt so then when you clean it you get all the dookie juice off the toys anything that’s porous it’s still going to be a little piece of dookie juice inside, you don’t want that.

Secondly: you’ve got to have the flared base, it’s you know if you don’t have a flared base it’s going to go up there, it’s going to be, it’s going to go in your colon, and it’s going to be an uncomfortable hospital visit.

Thirdly: it has a suction cup base, you can stick this thing, now I’m not a butt pro, so I personally I’m not hopping up and down on it, but if I ever got to that point, this would be here.

Fourthly: it has a pointy tip, I’m sure this probably has some sort of name of what it actually is, but for me inserting one that’s more bulbous or round at the top, is a lot less comfortable than something that has a pointy tip that I’m just going on with it.

And lastly, I mean this is a requirement but it’s rainbow, it’s rainbow color it’s perfect for pride month, but plugs are awesome!

What are you going to use butt plugs for? you’re going to use these for lots of things, just to have pleasure, just to have something in your butt, get your butt used to have something in it, if you’re gonna put something else in it, maybe you know a dick, a dildo might be coming and you want to get your butt used to having something in it, you can graduate in size.

So, these ones… I forgot to say the name of them, these ones are the pride edition of the colors brand butt plugs so they come in mini, they come in small, and they come in medium, this sucker usually just compares to my face this is medium, the mini and the small, that’s more my speed you might be a medium person but we have all three on the website.

So, say you start off with the mini, and then you get used to the mini you know you get to swerve on with the mini you move up to the medium, I mean to the small and then you can move up to the medium, so you can train your butt to go up in bigger sizes to use anal plugs for that.

Anal plugs are great too. Especially if you’re somebody with a vulva, and you have the anal plug in, so your anal cavity, vaginal cavity, right next to each other so if you stick something in your anal cavity it’s going to take up some of the room in a vaginal cavity, so then whatever you put in there it’s gonna feel bigger, that might be useful… Do you think?

If you’re someone that has a penis, you got the butt plug in there you’re gonna have some nice fullness maybe you’re gonna sit back and get some head and you got the butt plug again, you know you could walk around with the butt plug you do lots of different things with butt plugs, but for pride month you’re gonna need these rainbow butt plugs.

All three are on our website, they’re also in the stores in the DMV, leave me a comment, and let me know do you like these rainbow joints all right?

Until next time, stay sexy my friend.