Video Transcription

We got toys that flip and do so… give the wrath on the clitoris of sort of things but there’s nothing like a bomb ass bullet, there’s nothing like it. I’m Shani Hart sex educator, certified sex coach and co-owner of Hearts Desires erotic boutiques in the DMV and I am coming to you with this week’s toy of the week.

I have two of them, two of them. So, I have these bullets and you’re like “they just look, they bigger” so these are bigger bullets, and that’s one of the reasons why I really like these, I tried both of these out and I use them differently.

I love bullets, especially for newbies, newbies to toys I love bullets because they’re very unintimidating, they don’t have a lot of working parts there’s usually just one button on them and so they’re really great for someone to use to explore their body, figure out what they like you know ease into this whole sex toy joint and so I love these bullets.

First of all, they’re made out of silky-smooth silicone they are submersible, so you know you see some things that are waterproof, water resistant, and submersible. You put these all the way down in the water I used this one in my uh jacuzzi so that was good.

And another thing that I love about these is that they come with a pouch a lot of toys now are coming with pouches, I love storage pouches because once you finish using it, you clean it off, put it in your pouch and now you are ready to rock and roll. The next time you want to use it and don’t have to worry about what’s on it if something touched it, you know while you were putting it away… oh I forgot that with the name of it!!! These are the Power Touch Super Flex I and Super Flex II.

You can see the difference in size, both of these I inserted inside of me so I really like that. I love toys that I could use for a lot of different things, you know like some toys are just one thing that they just will do one thing, – that’s fine because maybe they do that one trick really good but sometimes it’s great to have toys that you use a whole lot of different ways.

So this teal one I actually used by myself, and I was like okay let me try and get into it, he wasn’t home, he was at the store and I was like, you know what? Feeling a little like I want some me time some self-care time because masturbation is a form of self-care if you ain’t know. So, I use this… first I used it right on my clit and I was about to come like super-fast, it was the vibrations are super strong, super rumbly instead of like you know sometimes buzzy some people like buzzy, I’m a rumbly person I like the deep vibration, buzzies… I need the ones that go like that, I find that a lot of battery-powered ones some of the cheaper ones or more… where some of the other ones with… better motors I guess, maybe? They give me that rumbly deep, like bassy vibration and that’s what this one was given to me.

First, I use it on my clit and then I felt like I was about to come I was like “wow, I’m not ready yet” so then I actually inserted this part in vaginally, it was really comfortable hold you see it’s kind of tapered, it got a little hourglass shape so I was holding on to it here using it inside vaginally. I actually put it in deep and then rested this back part against my clitoris and I found, you know I could feel a little giddy-up towards my butt? you know your anal canal your vaginal canals right next to each other so I felt, I felt a little vibration back there and I had it on my clit and I said OKAY this is good and good… I’m getting ready to cum so I went back and put it right on my clit bam!!! An orgasm was there, so this was excellent by myself.

I decided to use this one with my partner because that is it has a longer handle, I have found for us… using something that’s a little bit longer is easier to use, I’m someone that likes clitoral stimulation while I’m having sex I need it, not just like it I need it. So, something that is going to get around my “Fupa” and all the different things and I can hold it or he can reach around and hold it and all the different things. So, we used this together, he held it on my clit one time he took it and just put it up and down my back that was sexy, and then so it was easier for me to have an orgasm while I was having penetrative sex.

These are the two bullets, I really like them, I’m gonna keep both of them in my nightstand drawer right now because these are these are really giving me, I always like new toys sometimes make me want to masturbate even more and try them out and see all the different ways I’m going to use them, so these two are definitely made it to my next nightstand drawer, I love them so this is the power touch Super Flex I and Super Flex II, both are available in both Hearts Desire stores, one in Suitland Maryland, one in Adams Morgan DC and of course on, reply, leave me a comment, let me know what you think and as always stay sexy my friends.