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What Lube to Use With My Rose Sex Toy?

What Lube to use with my Rose Sucker

Video Transcription Hey what’s going on online family, I’m mike from hartsdesires.com and today we’re talking about lubricants to use with your Rose Toy, oh snap! That’s right so sometimes Rose toy can be used as a nipple stimulator it also could be used as a clitoral stimulator, that’s the most common it will be […]

The Jessi 420 Rechargeable Mini Bullet Toy

The Jessi 420 Rechargeable Mini Bullet Toy

Video Transcription What’s up? How are you feeling? Want some weed? I got that good… that good-good Jessie right here. I’m nowhere near a weed seller, I can’t sell oh my gosh, I don’t know but either way. What I can tell you… I don’t know anything about weed but this right here, I can […]