“ Ooops, there goes my shirt over my head
Oooops, there goes my skirt droppin’ to my feet”

If you know anything about 90’s R&B music, you might have sang this famous song while you were reading. This song from Tweet is right up my alley. It talks about how comfortable she becomes with her body one night, and it makes her feel soooooo good.

I know for sure that touching yourself is the best way to use your free time. If you don’t agree with me, then I hope to help you change your mind about turning yourself on all by yourself (even if you have someone watching).

Let me say this: we put a lot of pressure on our partners to “get us in the mood” and “make our bodies scream”. Women, in general, struggle with desire, expressing what feels good to them, and finding their hot spots. Unlike the men in their lives, women do a great deal of pleasing others, but they don’t often get the pleasure they want or love.

So, I’m going to cut to the chase: Have you touched yourself lately? Have you pleasured yourself? Have you made yourself scream?

You should!

Here are FOUR ways to turn yourself on and make your body shiver.

ONE: Watch erotica and/or porn that actually turn you on. It’s okay if you enjoy heterosexual porn or same gender erotica, find your favorite and watch it to heat your body up.

TWO: Talk sexy to your partner. Tell your partner you’re ready to touch their parts and feel them on your skin. Share a few nudes if you’re feeling good and you trust the person. Talking sexy can turn you on in a matter of minutes.

THREE: Touch yourself. Twist those nipples, flick that clit, or do both at the same time. Touching your body can help you find the spots that make sexual intercourse better and help you get the big O.

FOUR: Use a few sex toys. I often do a little combo play move on my pussy. Magic Wand on my clit and a G-Spot toy for my va-jayjay. Two toys? Don’t mind if I do! The easiest way for me to orgasm is by clitoral stimulation, the Magic Wand’s territory. Also, the full release that a G-Spot orgasm gives is just what the doctor orders sometimes. Using this particular glass toy I get enough pressure to bring me to that release. You can do the same!

You can get both at Hart’s Desires!

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