Video Transcription

Let me tell you something, if I had a prostate I would be up in my ass all the time, all the time.

I don’t know what some of you guys that…that don’t even want to even try it or experiment y’all losing, but for those who don’t know me I’m Shany Hart, I’m a sex educator, certified sex coach, co-owner of Hart’s Desires Erotic boutiques in the DMV area and also founder of the Noir Leaf Sensual CBD company and I’m coming to you with the toy of the week.

It is a remote-controlled prostate stimulator, call it an anal vibrator because it’s so bulbous and curvy it’s really for stimulating your prostate for those that were born with a penis, you have a prostate it’s got lots of juicy nerve endings and when you hit upon that thing and be bumping on that thing and stroking that thing it’s, it’ll give you some really good orgasms.

So let’s get back to the toy it is, I love the color of it it’s from this company’s like solar system kind of toys and it’s like… irid destiny and it’s called The Uranus you get it like it’s the solar system theme and this is The Uranus I thought that was a hoot maybe it’s just me, but this is you see in my hand it’s a really really good size it’s a great size for someone that wants to experiment, with some prostate stimulation, experiment with some anal stimulation, I personally have not tried it myself I don’t have a prostate but I’ll get back to you if anybody lets me know that they had a prostate and they tried it and they loved it, I think they would.

So what is going on about it? It has, first of all, it’s rechargeable, it has I don’t know where I put the cord at but it’s a little pinhole on the bottom put the charge in there it is waterproof so you can put this sucker in, get in the shower get in all the other places that you like to be wet and wild and you know plain in your butt all that kind of stuff.

It has different functions, four different speeds, and six different patterns, and let me turn it on so to get it going because the remote has a power button, a plus, and a minus. I’m going to press the power button on the bottom of the vibrator, I’m going to hold it for three seconds, the light comes on it’s not vibrating yet because it’s in standby mode, I can use this by myself without the remote if I just go ahead and now it’s vibrating if I just go ahead and hit it again, but I could also without hitting the buttons use the remote, so now you hear changing the speeds on the toy, now it’s in the different patterns and you can also turn it off if you know you got it up in there, and you’re like you know what? let’s chill on the vibrations for a high second boom I’m going to go ahead and hold this down for three seconds and it turned off, it’s still in standby mode so if I hit the power button again hold it for three seconds it came back on booty might be ready for more play so I turned it back on.

So this is The Uranus I think it is an awesome prostate stimulator it is masturbation may and why not masturbate solo with an anal toy a lot of people think anal sex like you got to have a partner you got to be doing on things, nah you can, you can experiment, and take your time and find out what you like and do all these things by yourself

The Uranus is a waterproof, rechargeable, prostate stimulator, available in both our stores and the link to go to our website.

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