Video Transcription

Shani Hart here with your toy of the week!

Okay, can I have a full… transparent moment real quick?

Okay so if you follow me on social media, you saw me yesterday put up a tick-tock video of me saying “I got a new anal toy and you know I was about to use it” yeah, I could not get the joint in my butt, I am not a big anal queen and this is pretty large so I was already nervous, I pulled out my, I pulled out my CBD lube and I was like “okay let’s get it” now we ain’t get nothing, so I said let me go to my tried and true old faithful, cause I also put out a poll!

I said hey everyone, my followers this week did you want to see a butt toy or penis toy? Because I always get told that I don’t do enough penis toys and everybody voted for the butt toy, I got one penis toy vote everyone voted for a butt toy so I said “okay I gotta do a butt toy” but my butt was like that’s it we not ready.

I’m bringing out one of my tried and true old faithful, this right here is the real. I love this one, I talk about it when I talk about anal sex I talk about this one a lot because I do enjoy a vibrating anal plug.

For me the vibration… you know sex is a lot to do with your mind so if your brain already thinks hey this is going to feel good then it could relax you a little bit more, so when I turn this vibration on in my head I’m thinking, “this is going to make the anal sensations even better” because it’s going to be vibrating and my sphincter muscles is like “yeah, yeah come on bring it I hear that pairing let’s go”

I like a small vibrating anal plug, this is the RIO by VITO it is a battery operated toy. Great toy is under 30 bucks so if you want to try something anal and not really ready to dig into any of the rechargeable vibrating ones that are you know could cost you know a 100 dollars, 60 dollars however much the one that you’re looking at, this one is a good one to try.

It has a one button control on the bottom, so I’m going to turn it on, it has 10different pulsation modes, I like a good constant vibration one of the things that I really enjoy about this toy is that the pointed tip where first gets inserted is small, some of them have, some anal toys have like, a… it’s a little point but it’s big and bulbous, this one is more gradual so I can gradually ease into it I’m concentrating on my breathing and I’m easing this in every time I take a breath and release I put in a little bit more until I get to the bottom and then it feels good.

Like with all anal toys you want to make sure it has a flared base. Anything without a flared base, child your butt can suck that thing up fast that is an uncomfortable hospital emergency room visit, you do not we don’t want them problems, okay? I really like this also, you can have this in while you’re having sex with your partner if you’re a person has a vulva, and you’re being penetrated you can have this inside anally vibrating and if your partner has a penis when they put the penis in, they’re going to feel the vibration vaginal cavity and anal cavity is right next to each other so they’re going to feel it that’s a win-win everybody’s getting a little some extra adding to the pleasure, who don’t want that?

Again this is the VITO RIO vibrating anal plug battery operated I enjoy it, if your butt doesn’t swallow up the big toys, go ahead and check this one out.

The link is in the description of how to get this, and let me know if you have any questions.

See you later.