Video Transcription

Hey hey, hey! Shani Hart here, coming to you with the toy of the week.

If you don’t know me I am a sex educator, Sex Coach, and also co-owner of hearts desires erotic boutiques in the DMV area.

Let’s get into the toy, you might be saying where is the damn toy? I’ll get to that in a second, so this week’s toy is the Play Ball by Adrian Lastic, where is it? I’m already wearing it, but let me show you, it’ll make more sense once I show you, okay… let me… let me get my big ass thigh up here you see it? on my thigh? So that’s how you wear it.

This toy, let me take it off so I can explain a little better, so this is a couples toy, this toy is used to stimulate people with vulvas “A spot”, now I know you heard of the g-spot but here’s “A spot” too.

The “A spot” is an area towards the back of the vagina before you get to the cervix but towards the back and it’s not easily accessed by most people that have penises, I’m not going to say most I don’t want to talk about everybody in you know speculate, you know different sizes but… for a lot of women they might not be able to get that deep stimulation towards the back of the vagina that they would like and get the right angle.

The play ball to the rescue, now this part right here this is what you saw on my thigh this is the controller and it’s a thigh band so you have this on your thigh and this ball is the vibration, controls all the vibrations well this controls the vibration this is the actual vibrator. So basically what happens is you would insert this ball vaginally, now if your partner has a dildo on or your partner has a penis as that’s coming behind the ball it’s going to be pushing the ball further, further up the vaginal canal so it’s getting back to… get in there, get back in there to that good old “A spot”.

That will help people who want a more deeper feeling get that and still be able to have penetrative sex with their partner, so you might say what does it feel like” it felt awesome! it was I really have never stimulated that part of my vagina I’ve never actually used any toys I’m not a big penetrative sex toy person so I don’t usually use dildos if they’re not vibrating when I’m alone, so using this was really awesome.

I use this by itself first to warm up so I use this to give me some clitoral action give me super, super aroused insert it, boom! A dick came behind it.

This has 10 different functions, it is splash-proof, it is rechargeable, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, this is a great toy, price point is awesome, and it’s only $59… for a rechargeable toy, to use it with your partner?

I know you’ve all been quarantining all that kind of stuff, and you might need a little bit of “something different” so go to our website this is the play ball, get it and let me know how you like it! I’d love to hear all the feedback and stories and some videos okay toodles.