Are you shifting the sex gears every hour on the hour? Are you putting that “thang” in drive every chance you get? Or, are you barely getting it out of PARK? You stuck in NEUTRAL?

Either way your sex drive seems to waver, you have to remember that everyone’s sex drive may be on different levels from day to day. First, let us be clear about sex drive versus sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is the connection you have with someone and how your private parts respond to the person/people. If your vagina pulsates when you’re around that certain person, you are sexually attracted to them. On the other hand, sex drive (libido) is the energy and stamina you have to actually take your clothes off, get the lube out of the drawer, and get busy. If your body reacts at the sight, sound, or smell of your partner or spouse, but you don’t have the energy to physically participate in sexual activities, you are experiencing a sex drive issue. When you are thinking about sex 20 hours of the day, and really getting it in between Zoom meetings at home, your sex drive is doing well above the average. 

Here’s what you can expect for different sex drives. 

SUPER HIGH: You’re thinking about sex several times a day, and you have the energy to engage. From foreplay to final orgasm, you feel compelled to have sex anytime it’s available. This is not a bad thing. It’s perfectly fine to be interested in getting your stroke on when you desire it. The only time SUPER HIGH libido is a problem is when it impedes your ability to work or function in everyday life. If you are participating in risky sexual behavior that could harm you or your partner, your SUPER HIGH sex drive may actually be a sex addiction. 

HIGH: You think about sex when you’re in the presence of someone who sexually arouses you. You aren’t sitting around at work thinking about sex at your desk, but if the cute guy you like walks by, your mind undresses him. That’s your sexual attraction and libido talking. You’re in great company as many women and men experience this HIGH level of sex drive during their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. If you’re at home and your partner walks by, and you two can participate in romp on a whim, your sex drive (libido) would be considered HIGH. 

NORMAL: You LOVE sex, and you are willing to have it when you aren’t tired, busy, or overwhelmed. This is considered an average level sex drive. When sex is intriguing and exciting to you, and you have the energy to participate at the end of a busy day, you more than likely have a normal sex drive. If you aren’t 6 months in the rear on orgasms and your partner/spouse isn’t begging to see your vagina or penis, you are doing just fine in the sex drive department. 

LOW: You’re excited by the idea of sex, but the thoughts of having to actually participate make you tired. You may watch porn, look at sexy nudes, and flirt with your partner/spouse, but you have a difficult time gathering the energy to go through with the sexual act. You love the flirtatous foreplay part of sexual activity, but getting to the final BIG O doesn’t often happen for you. You want to do the “do”, but you don’t have the energy. Oftentimes, low libido can be a sign of emotional, physical, or mental blocks. See a professional if you believe you may have a hormonal issue affecting your sex drive.

SUPER LOW: What’s sex and how do you do it? A low sex drive (libido) is evident when you have NO energy for sexual activity. You aren’t easily aroused, and you simply don’t find sex that important in your life. A SUPER LOW sex drive can be a sign of a serious health concern from a chronic illness to depression. See a professional if you believe you may have a medical issue affecting your sex drive. 

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