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It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for the toy of the week.

I’m Shiny Hard, sex educator, certified sex coach, and co-owner of the Erotic Boutiques Hearts desires in the DMV area, so this week’s theme if you follow me on social media, is role-play one of the most widely used types of role-play involve some sort of power dynamics.

This one I’m going to be dealing with is impact play, which goes with a submissive and a dominant.

Impact play is hitting another person with your hand or whatever objects and this is going to be for sexual satisfaction.

We want that right? So for this week’s toy of the week I’m going to be talking about paddles. I love paddles you have all sorts of different types of impact toys, you got crops, whips, floggers all sorts of different things, but I like paddles the best, I like more sturdier than stinging.

So quickly, impact play, what you’re going to do? You’re going to have a conversation with your partner? You know you just don’t want to come in a bedroom smacking folk on the ass or wherever you want smack them, without having a conversation. You might be like well how do I even bring it up? Say: hey I saw this really cute girl on social media talking about paddles, let’s watch it together!

See what I did there? Also you’re going to find out where your partner prefers to be hit. I like my butt area, thigh area, some other parts of my legs, fattier parts. Bony parts no, any parts where organs are behind there no, stick with fattier or fleshier parts of the body.

You’re also going to talk about how hard you want to hit your partner. I like a, you know medium… it’s hard to say medium but he knows what I like. Also you’re going to pick a safe word, so that you know some people don’t respond well to when you say stop, or no more than might be like okay that’s just part of fun, so pick a good safe word, our safe word is charcoal, I don’t even know how we came up with it.

But on to the paddles, I really like these paddles from sports sheets, from their saffron collection, I think is saffron the color? Is the red color Saffron? I should have looked that up beforehand ,but these are all the paddles that I like the best from the saffron collection, they are made out of vegan leather, that’s leather it kind of looks like leather, but it’s vegan leather, all those people that are, you know, don’t want to hurt the cows and everything here you go. they all have wrist straps on them so you could put them around your wrist so that you can really don’t have to worry about losing this thing when you get it on and popping, also it’s cool if you have somewhere that you like to hang all of your BDSM toys and such, nice little hanger you can hang it on.

Check out all our paddles!

So let’s start at the beginning for me, I’m going to go start off with ones that have a lighter touch to ones that to me are heavier and produce a heavier impact. So this first one is the layered paddle, I like this one because for me sounds are everything, so this one… I mean it just makes a sound without even spanking so this imagine you know you got a blindfold on, you’re the person, imagine you are the sub in this scene, so you are the sub, you got a blindfold on and your partner just keeps teasing you, keep doing this and you are like, it’s about to happen? Is it? Are they about to get me? But you know now because you got blindfold on! So this one makes a really nice sound, and for me when it does impact the body, it’s not super, super, super heavy, for me, your results may vary, your results… is it does you? Whatever it is why mmv? Your mileage may vary. I think… moving on.

This one is the layered paddle the next one is the loop paddle, I like that noise, the noise is everything, so you see this one has some aerodynamic action going with it. this one I like because it if you’re someone that likes to see the nice big bruise marks this one is going to give you those nice marks… this is the loop paddle, I like this one too. The last one is the ping pong paddle, I mean obviously it looks like a ping pong racket, this one for me is the hardest that just has lots of surface area, it’s flat and just acts, super thuddy. I like this one but I don’t like you know, my partner going super hard with it but I do like that thud.

Those are your toys of the week, ping pong paddle, loop paddle and layered paddle, all of them could be found on as always the toy of the week is on sale until Saturday, until Saturday of this week the toy is on sale.

Check back in next Tuesday, for what else I got next week showing you the things I like I always like to come to you and show you the things that I enjoy and how I use them and how I think they work best, so see you guys later, like this post, leave me a comment, let me know what you thought about it, let me know what you think about the paddles, share with your friends and I will talk to you next time, see ya.

Check out all our paddles!