Pros & Cons of Public Affection 

Public Displays of Affection. PDA. The tongue down in the grocery store line. The hard smack on her ass in the mall. What feelings do you get when you think about PDA? Warm and fuzzy? Disgusted and irritated? Do you like to have the world watching while you passionately kiss your boo in public or do you cringe at the thought of other people being all up in your business? 

Whether it’s kissing, touching, rubbing, holding hands, or hugging… thoughts seem to be split on if couples are ready to play the PDA game. If and how you incorporate PDA into your relationship is completely up to you, so there really isn’t any shame in how you want to show up (well, unless it’s too kinky…then that’s a whole other blog!). However, with ‘Rona in play, does PDA seem a bit invasive these days. PDA or NO PDA is the question. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages to being a public booty rubber or waiting until you get home to rub dat ass. 

If you follow me and my husband on social media I bet you can guess who’s for PDA and who would rather kiss at home than in public!

Pros ● A little PDA can help build a stronger connection to your partner 

  • PDA can keep the flame burning on high. 
  • PDA can serve as amazing foreplay for the get down 
  • If your partner’s love language is physical touch, PDA is the way to go. 
  • These acts can build stronger romantic and intimate bonds for both parties 

You can lock lips or rub booty while you are out shopping for essentials as healthy forms of PDA. 

Cons ● PDA used to show out to other people instead of it being a gesture to your partner is not OKAY 

  • excessive PDA can be seen as a sign of insecurity in the relationship 
  • Others may be apt to comment or react to your PDA resulting in conflict 
  • Public affection can be a sign for other desires to be intimate or sexual in public 
  • PDA can be a form of control or possession if the partner receiving is not open to it 

You can choose to stand close together or make eye contact as your forms of intimacy without fully engaging in public acts of affection such as kissing, hugging, or rubbing. 

Are you Pro-PDA or nawl? 

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