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Shani Hart here with your toy of the week! For those who don’t know me, I am a sex educator, a certified sex coach, and co-owner of Hart’s desires erotic boutiques in the DC area.

Now on to the toy the week, this week’s toy is the Femme Fun Momenta Kegel exerciser. I said Kegel some people say Keegel, I don’t know which one is right and which one is wrong we’re just going to go with it.

This is one thing I like about my toys if you watch any of my videos when I’m talking about other toys I like mo’ bang for my buck, so this thing is not only a kegel exerciser it’s also an awesome couples toy I’m going to talk about that a little later, also is good for clitoral stimulation, I use the ball for some little clit action before I got it on and popping.

So let’s talk about this it is a vibrating kegel exerciser, it has ten different functions some of the functions just are higher intensity, some of them are pulsation mode and then the last mode is this… it’s like silent for seven seconds and then it pulses for two seconds and then it goes away again for seven seconds.

I had this in when I went to I went to the grocery store whit it in, and I had it on that mode cuz’ I wanted to do my cables and I really liked that function because they were reminding me like “hey girl keep doing them and do another one” so when it came on and vibrated for those two seconds I was like oh okay squeeze and it felt good. If you’ve ever used any kegel balls that are vibrating, you know that the stimulation while with the vibration while you’re doing Kegels is awesome.

This has two balls, one is like it has like a shaker I don’t know what the real name was it’s like a shaker ball so it’s a ball inside, so I can hear something rattling around the inside and then this other ball is going to be your vibration ball. It’s rechargeable so it comes with your cord of course and a little… point that put it in it’s you know a lot of waterproof toys you have to push it in because it seals itself back up so it won’t get messed up from the water, so push this in that’s how it charges, a light comes on over here and flashes while charging, I’ll stay steady when it’s charged up.

It also comes with a remote, so this is where I like the couples part of it to come into play. Now the vibrating cable exercises are really good anyway, for foreplay when I have these in, by the time my lover comes home I’m ready to go, I’m already aroused and think you know doing my Kegels they ready to squeeze on some penis.

You can always have this in and have your partner control the vibrations think about date night think about being out and about at dinner and you have this in and your partner is controlling it, it’s oh so much fun, right? so that is why I like this toy because it does so many things so how I used it, it was pretty it was comfortable wearing out, I had um I just had on leggings and had this part… it felt weird when it was horizontal but when I had it like this in between my legs it was way more comfortable, a matter of fact let me put it in now… I got no pants on so I could put it on.

I like to use some lube when I’m using my Kegel exercises cause right when I’m about to use it I’m not particularly aroused just off the top so especially with something big like this you can see that my hand is pretty big, also the Momenta is good for people that want a workout, for people maybe you’ve been doing Kegel exercises on your own without any balls and you want to take it up a notch these are pretty nice weights pretty nice so if you have super weak pelvic floor muscles then I probably would not get this I will probably start off with just a bigger ball that aren’t as heavy and then move up to this because it has a really good weight so weight okay the ball was really good because if you’re just walking around with it in then your body is automatically trying to keep it in the heavier the toy is this the harder that your pelvic floor muscles have to work to keep it in make sense right? Okay so let’s go!

I take my water-based lube, I usually like silicone lube but I didn’t do a patch test on this so I’m gonna do my water-based lube, put that on… swirled around I just put it on the first ball and I’m gonna go ahead and let’s see… “boop boop boop” and awesome thing about this is that I forgot the controller button is on the outside so I it’s really annoying when you have a Kegel toy and the and the power button is on the inside that’s annoying as hell.

Hahaha so I have it on the first setting… hmm enjoyable, enjoyable, enjoyable, I like also number four, so I’m gonna, I’m going up to four… so now I’m going up to ten so I could get it on, I know when I’m on that one because it goes silent, so I’m on level ten which is the one that I said that it’s gonna be like dead up, there goes, two seconds of vibration and then you’ll have a period of time with nothing, boom! All of a sudden that vibration.

It helps me if I have that in and let me see… vibration so now that I’m vibra… so when it vibrates I know go ahead, activate snapper pussy. I’m squeezing while is doing, it feels really, really good, also if you see on the remote there are two buttons so I could change the modes on this with this bottom button but, if I want to increase the intensity of the mode I have it in I’m gonna hit this top button which is the turbo button.

I like that on the fourth one so let me go back to the fourth so I’m on the fourth one and hit the turbo button… yeah extra huh? so that is I can hardly talk to you this is the Femme Fun Momenta vibrating Kegel balls, get it today on Heart’s Desires, let me know how you liked it comment on this video share it, does this thing sound interesting? Something you want to do? Have you been kept up keeping up with your Kegels? I want no oddity let me know!

See you next time!