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Hey, hey, hey… what’s going on everybody, how’s everybody doing, everybody okay? you got food, you got drinks? How’s the social distancing going?

Well because of all of this, because of everything going on with the “Rona” we at Hart’s Desires we decided to start delivering to the DMV, so everyone that’s within 15 miles of either one of our stores, can get your toys, games, lube, condoms, dental dams, whatever you like handcuffs, we got kinky stuff, all sorts of things for guys, cock rings male masturbators, all the things.

I posted a question, well I let you I said, “Hey if you need any suggestions, hit me up” I’m full of suggestions I love talking to you guys about what would be good for your pleasure, what you’re looking for I love hearing all the stories people always start off with, this is probably TMI no, it’s never TMI, I love the TMI.

The one of the two of the main questions that I was asked by a lot of people are, what are your favorite toys for yourselves a lot of women ask me what toy should I get I never had a toy or I want a new toy, what’s the best toy right now, so it’s hard for me to say what’s the best toy right now because everybody’s bodies are different my clit might be in a different place than yours, you know you might like to rock around a lot when you’re masturbating, you might like clitoral and vaginal penetration at the same time, you might just want a G-spot toy, you might be like “hey I’m an ass queen what’s the ass thing she got?”

So, I don’t know what is the best toy I know what I like right now what is my favorite toy right now so I got asked, what is my favorite toy to use? And then people ask “hey I want to use something with my partner, what’s something you suggest?” I always like to suggest couples games because really fun you’re in the house right now but something that’s a toy and vibrating, my favorite, and it’s really not even a couple’s toy I got to bring it up real slow…yes, the magic wand I think everybody should have one of these.

I love toys that do more than one thing, I, you know don’t be a one-trick pony, I like more than does one thing so I use this by myself, I like the rechargeable ones it also comes in a corded version, I don’t feel sexy with cords but every body’s preferences are different. so I like this rechargeable one it has a nice silicone head, easy to clean body-safe so the way I use it, I use it by myself of course for clitoral pleasure, I clitoral stimulation, I use it on my back, you know I clean this thing off and sometimes I sit crazy sometimes I lean over to one side I sit with one leg underneath me for some reason so sometimes my back it’s been a little funny, I take a lot of CBD now so, I take my CBD and I also use my magic wand so I’ll do that I love using it when I’m giving a blowjob to my partner, excellent.

Ladies you want to do something to stimulate yourself and make you want to do the blowjob, pro tip: so what I’ll do is I sit on it ever so like this you can’t see it but…one second… okay, yeah I was kind of sitting on it so while I’m still you know “hands-free” I could do all the things with my hands, I’m still getting all this vibration you know, in my little nether regions, so i love doing it like that.

I love using it with my partner when we’re having sex, I am a person that needs clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm, just you trying to dig me down you could do it all the different ways I need clitoral stimulation and this really helps so I can hold this myself and because it has this long handle if you got a little gut itch and you got things in the way might be hard to get to having a long handle it’s going to be clutch, you’re going to be able to get in there, it’s really good with you know your partner is doing it from the back and they have it in the hand they do the good old… reach around they reach around to it… that’s always nice, so yes rechargeable major one, cannot go wrong.

We have these in stock, you can have it delivered purchased online or if you’re DMV we will bring it to you, information’s in the post.

Right now the toy that I love the most, that has kind of changed my whole I really have ignored most of my other toys since I’ve tried this one, and I have to bring this I’m so dramatic I have to bring this one up slowly too… The Womanizer Duo, I don’t know if you saw where I posted a little thing where I married it I was in my wedding dress I couldn’t zip it in the back no kind of I probably gained about 40 pounds since I got married, couldn’t zip it up but I married it that’s how much I love this thing so let’s get into it!

This first of all it feels silky soft I mean womanized toys you can’t go wrong the quality is just above and beyond comes with a two-year warranty, this one is going to give you clitoral stimulation so this is one of the clitoral suction toys to me it doesn’t, none of them really suck to me, it just feels like air floating around some of them have vibration with it but this one so if I turn it on… I don’t know if you can see it, can you see it it’s a little light on the inside anyway that’s how you know it’s on it’s a light on the inside.

When I touch it, okay I’m going to put it in the microphone, when I touch it comes on, when my clit touches this thing it turns on, and when I take my finger off the bitch stops, it just stops so you might be like what is this part what you probably know this part is, anything with like a curved angle upward, that’s going to be something that’s going to be trying to stimulate your G-spot oh it’s turned on because my thumb is touching.

So this part vibrates too so you have controls right here where you can control the intensity the vibration patterns of both the G-spot internal stimulation and the clitoral air stimulation, it is everything and I really love how this one is it could be used hands-free put this thing in I get it situated how I like, I got big old thighs but even if you got little thighs you can hold it in place and just sit back, watch me work, watch me work well I’m not doing anything to work it’s doing the work…

It feels good and I don’t need I got pants on I usually don’t do these videos with pants on but today I got pants on, and it feels good just sitting here like this, oh! womanizer duo it’s a splurge, it’s a little over two hundred dollars so it’s a splurge but it I’m telling you it’s worth it so while all you guys are being in the house feeling cooped up or enjoying your time together magic wand, rechargeable one and a womanizer duo, you want these, you want both of these really bad, I can talk about these forever but I’m not going to stay here and hold you guys up, I have some self-pleasuring to do.

If you have any questions hit me up in a DM information on how to get these, will be in the comments, toddles.

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