Video Transcription

Orgasms? …Less than a couple of minutes?…App control?…for around 50 dollars?…. where they do that at?

Hey everybody I’m Shany Hart, I am a sex educator, certified sex coach, co-owner of Hearth’s Desires Erotic Boutiques, and founder of the Noir Leaf CBD sensual company.
Today I am coming to you with the latest toy of the week; it is the satisfier love triangle.

I love this toy, I really do, it does so many different things it has a lot of different functions a lot of different ways you can use it, it’s, okay let’s just get into it.

If you’re familiar with clitoral, they call clitoral suction toys, but to me, they don’t really suck there’s like airwaves and satisfied has this air pulsation technology where the air… your clit goes in the hole and air flutters all around your clit and, this one the hole is a lot bigger than usually the ones that I’ve seen before which I appreciate it and it’s super squishy, so you can bend it and get all in everywhere you need to be.

What is it? You already heard is aid app control but let’s talk about it just in its basic form self.

This is how it comes it feels so it has silicone outside it feels super great in my hand, has the rose gold so it’s cute it’s party you know it’s it makes you feel good your clit is like “oh bitch we fancy” that’s it make sure clit feel fancy, and it has I love things that have a top, protect my clit from stuff that’s going on.

You take the top of… fit’s and this the top is pretty tight you heard it just clicked on there you gotta pull it off, so when you take the top off that’s where the hole that your clit goes in, and then there are buttons on the side, the middle button is going to turn it off and on, then there’s a pulsation control, which it has 11 different pulsations then it has a vibration control, so this one is pulsation I mean vibration and air circulation all the different things… I love it.

I’ve noticed before when all the clitoral suction toys came out, I actually fell in love, but then when certain companies started adding vibration to the air, I was like “bitch work” this is… that is the formula that is… let me tell you when I first used… this I came in like a minute, I was like “oh let me slow down” because when I first get a toy, I like to try different modes out, take my time, figure out what’s going on, but this joint had too much sauce, I came super-fast and then I went back and, the same evening and tried out some more stuff and came again so definitely multiple orgasms on deck with this thing if that’s what you want.

Even though you could control it by yourself it also can be controlled by an app, so if your partner is anywhere in the world as long as they’re connected to the internet and you’re connected to the internet they can control this toy, I haven’t been long distance yet but I did let my partner control it while I was holding on to it and then I got to the point that I just like squeezed it with my legs tight against my clit and I was just sitting back and they were controlling it and doing all the thing sand I was just like “yeah” this is a good life.

One of the things that I really love with the app is that you can do motion control, I mean I wish I should have taken his phone so I could have shown it to you, but he was once he had the app on his phone, and connected to the device, he could take his finger and just swipe on the screen and it did everything while he swiped it you can have it controlled by music, you could talk into it have control by that you can still use the preset patterns that are built into the toy.

But just sitting back and let somebody else control it and then him seeing my reaction and my reaction to his reaction it was a whole mood it, was a whole mood.

I love this toy, super affordable! I mean I ain’t in your pockets or nothing like that but, super affordable! And… this is something, the satisfier love triangle it’s in… did I say that triangle? triangle uh yeah I’m the worst, it’s…it’s not even a tongue twister triangle, but it’s in both our stores and it’s online, so go ahead click the link get your super awesome toy I give it 5 out of 5 stars, I love it and until next time, stay sexy my friends!