I’ve heard about these menstrual cups for a while. First thought was…Ewwwwww! I couldn’t imagine having a cup full of menstrual flow just sloshing around in my Hoohaa willie nilly. The more I researched about them being way better for you than tampons I was intrigued even more.

I purchased the Fun Cup Explore Kit from Fun Factory. Not sure why they call the cup “Fun” but hey, I’ll go with it.  I knew I wanted a reusable one made of silicone and I liked that this kit had 2 cups, one for regular flow and one for heavy flow days. After opening the box I was impressed. The cups actually looked like they would stand the test of time. There was a really informative booklet about the benefits of using the Fun Cup, a user manual, and a nifty storage bag. I love products that come with their own sack.

So, I read both booklets, took a deep breath, and took the pink cup, for regular flow, into the bathroom. I jacked my leg on top of the toilet like I usually do to insert tampons. First I tried the pinch and fold method shown for the pink cup. First try was a flop. Second try I thought I had it but I could feel it when I walked so I knew that wasn’t right. Next I did what I always do when I’m in distress. To Social Media!! So I made a FB post waving the Crimson Wave flag lol. While I waited for comments I read back over the user manual. Hmmm…..let’s try this C fold method that’s next to the blue heavy flow cup. Eureka!! That worked! I forgot to tug on it slightly after insertion to make the seal. But then…..*sigh* I had to poop.

I must have pooping muscles of steel because I pushed it back out. Soooo…..will have to adjust it after pooping…..got it. I rinsed it off like the directions said and put it back in. Easy peasy! Now I was ready to hit the town with my new cup inside. After a while I forgot it was even in there. It honestly was undetectable. I left it in on average about 8 hours or so at a time. I was always nervous that it would be about to spill out and cause a mess but I was surprised at how little actually collected in the cup. I don’t think it was ever more than half full.

The entire 5 days of my cycles were accident free and very comfortable. The tricky part was fully knowing when I was finished flowing. Two checks with nothing in the cup led me to believe I was finished. I threw caution to the wind and stopped using the cup. I washed it with a antibacterial toy cleaner and put it away in it’s little sack for next month. I was sold!!!!

So let’s see how all of these benefits that I read about compared to my actual experience.

  • Lower costs per cycle and less waste to the environment. Definitely yes! The kit was $40 and reusable cycle after cycle. Tampons are really expensive. I almost fainted last time buying a box of Tampax pearls and opted for the Walmart version. Don’t judge me! lol
  • Less odor. That part I’m not sure. I only used tampons throughout my cycle and didn’t think I had an odor. Now I’m sitting here thinking, Did I have an odor and no one told me? Nah lol. I can see having the blood more contained would cut down on odor though.
  • Vaginal pH stay in place. Tampons are known for sucking all of your good vaginal juices out along with the menstrual blood so I can see this also.
  • More time before changes. Yes! To avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) tampons needed to be changed more often. This cup could stay in for 12 hours. I never left it in for 12 hours because I was always so pressed to see how much was in there. smh. Next month I’m sure I’ll have it in longer periods of time.
  • Intercourse is possible with the cup. Well unfortunately I’m married to a man baby that won’t have sex during my “lady time” as he calls it. You guys report back!
  • Easy to use. I had the method down pat the first day so I agree it was really easy to use.

Now that I can give the Fun Cups my personal stamp of approval I’m excited to be able to offer it to you guys!  Buy your Fun Cup Here

Report back and let me know how you liked it.

One thought on “I took the plunge and tried the Fun Factory Menstral Cups….

  1. Bri says:

    I’ve purchased 3 different menstrual cups and never had success, maybe I’m not putting them in properly? I most recently purchased the Flex cup, you’ve inspired me to try again for my next cycle!

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