He’s in California and you are in New York City. You both love each other, and you spend hours on the phone chatting it up and sharing your dreams with each other. However, talking on the phone does not satisfy your cravings to hug, kiss, and get frisky with your special person. Long distance relationships aren’t new, but they are causing couples to get creative in how they enjoy each other, sexually and emotionally especially around Valentine’s Day.

Nearly 25% of all relationships are long distance, which means couples aren’t face to face or even remotely close to each other. So, the idea of dropping in for a booty call is impossible. The pictures on IG of y’all out at dinner dressed in red on the 14th but not be a reality. That being said, these couples have to think hard (no pun intended) about ways to enjoy sexual experiences with each other. 

Start Here

Let’s start with the foundation of any relationship. Communication. I’ve been in a long distance relationship before and I knew more about that person in a month than I had with someone close by in over a year.

But what about the physical intimacy? Before couples in long distance relationships can even begin to explore the sexual side, you must:

  1. Communicate openly. You might have this part down already.
  2. Be honest about your desires. They won’t know if you don’t tell them!
  3. Open your minds to fun gadgets. Add a lil va va va voom to your sexual play.
  4. Practice your phone sex voice. I know you can do it.
  5. Explore your own bodies. It’s troubling sometimes showing what you like and don’t like with a partner when they’re right in front of you. Miles away makes this even harder.

After these five steps, you can begin to experiment with new methods for satisfying their sexual appetite. Keep the relationship fresh by adding a few fun toys to your repertoire. Here are a few of our favorites:

Get your Cyber Sex game up

Lush G-spot toy. We promise nothing but good vibes with this one. This toy reaches all the right spots using an app. Try using it for some solo play while on video chat with your bae or let your partner connect it to their smart device to take control from far away.  

lush Gspot toy
Lush G-spot Toy

We- Vibe toy.  If you are looking for an intense connection, together or alone, this powerful set is perfect for releasing a little stress and a big orgasm. The We-VIbe Sync 2 can keep your bedroom hot even if you’re person is miles away.

We-Vibe Sync
We-Vibe Sync

Hush Vibrating Anal Plug. This is a fan favorite booty toy. Also uses an app so your partner can be anywhere controlling it. Two sizes, 1.5 in and 1.75 in because all booties matter! I love pairing this with a clitoral toy for extra pleasure. Pleasure firing on ALL cylinders!

lovense hush
Lovense Hush

Flex Your Imagination

  1. Realistic Dildo. Dingalings come in all sizes and colors, so the sky’s the limit. Now try closing your eyes and put this dildo wherever you want it to go (no judgement!) and imagine it’s your partner. Ok fellas, this is your turn to turn up the session by telling those of us working it out with the dildo what you would be doing. Steamy sex scene du jour!
Realistic Dildo

Fleshlight Male Masturbator. If you’re the one doing the sticking this is for you! The Fleshlight Surge mimics the feeling of being inside your partner. Add a lil lube and go for it! Do a same timesies with your partner using the above dildo and with enough imagination you’re having “the sex” miles away from each other. There’s two models- Booty and Pussy

Fleshlight Go Surge Vagina
Fleshlight Go Surge Butt Value Pack
Fleshlight Go Surge Butt Value Pack

As you can see, long distance Intimacy isn’t impossible at all!!! Longdistance relationships can be challenging but forcing you to redefine your sex life and find new ways to introduce passion can be a lot of fun!

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these sexy options or plan to use them!

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